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LDA Bo-Mar-ish rear sight screw up


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Hello folks, quick question, has any one installed a Bo-mar/Kensight on an LDA and deactivated the series 80 style FP doo-hicky ?

(very tired as I write this so bare with pls)

If so, do i need to modify the draw bar ? (not sure if that's what it's called)

Thanks for any help.

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I disabled the series 80 parts. I did not have to mess with the draw bar as you called it. I did modify the plunger lever (Brownells part #199-000-314) I tried the fit without modifying it, but that free edge that was sticking up scared me. I did not like the slop in the system without it in there. So I cut the top portion of it off and it works like a charm. I did this to change the extractor to a standard configuration. I did not put the sleve in it either and it works great.

The reason I know the Brownells part number is I ordered one in case I want it to go back to stock.


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Hi folks, sorry for the late reply.

Thanks for the heads up on modifying the draw bar issue with regards to

IDPA and Production, didn’t even think of that.

The gent this gun was for is a casual shooter and just needed better sights so

no worries on that end.

What I did do was plug the hole in the slide, effectively making the slide a

Series 70 type, no idea if this would allow the gun to be legal in IDPA or

Production but as stated, that’s not is intended purpose.

Thanks again

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You're talking about a 1911, so you don't have to worry about IDPA and SSP.

An LDA is a the double action only version of a Para.

Of course it is.

Where's that slap on the forehead emoticon when you need it.

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