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T.R. Graham's Match Grade Slide Lock


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I have several installed in my 9 major open Glocks and in a G35 40 cal limited gun. All have fitted aftermarket barrels and will shoot into sub inch to about 1.25 inch 5-shot groups at 25 yards with good ammo that the guns like. I think they do provide a slight improvement in lock-up, but the fitted barrels provide more of a tighter lock-up and better accuracy. I think the match grade slide lock will provide a slight accuracy improvement on its own, probably more so in 40 caliber Glocks. Quality ammo with a good bullet is essential, no matter what you install. Each gun will like a different combination, so you will have to experiment with different loads to eke out that final bit of accuracy.

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have one on my G35 limited. I will agree it helps accuracy, just not sure how much (mostly because over time I've done a few things that collectively improved accuracy).

I will say, however, that the extended grip tabs are GREAT!...helps with takedown much better!


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I want to try one in my G35, I really don't care about legal this and that, the extra meat will make disassembly easier, and if it make my pistol accurite whoo hoo, TR is one of the good guys in my book.

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I tried my MGSL out today in 40mph gusts, I experienced no malfunctions, hard to say if it made my G35 more accurite due to the winds, at 15 yards I had a nice 30 shot 2 inch group from sand bags

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  • 11 years later...

This is Stephanie Graham, T.R.'s wife.  I am very sad to inform you that we lost T.R. 8/21/21.  

His work and knowledge will continue to live on with every memory.  

His email grhm458@cs.com will remain active if you need to contact me. 

I also still have his Match Grade Slide Locks in production.  He put 5 years of his life into this part and he loved every moment of the trial and research..... 

I welcome any memories you might have good or bad of conversations with my husband.  He unknowingly wrote his epitaph on FB a few years ago....

"There is nothing wrong with being obscure as long as you are not forgotten"


Stephanie Graham


832-767-9249 or 832-695-7192 and leave a message.


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