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Since I'm triviad out, and we had a suggestion to use the Dinner page as trivia...

Whoever can write the most fun-filled post, which might include such useless info as -

How the page came about

Why does it appear as "Henning's Page"

What is it's exact name and location

When did it open

What is the object in the lower right-hand corner of the pic

How many steps is it from my house

What bigJoni said (regarding this mystery place) as I was moving into my new house

What products from Mexico are sold there, and why is there more than just Corona

Who will be playing the bagpipes there on St Patricks day

- will be the winner.

And of course I'll add more useful info as I remember it. Or as others trigger it.


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Even though I am normally just a scavenger on this site, I will take a stab to start the ball rolling. The place in the pic is Casey Moore's Oyster House and Seafood Restaurant, located at 850 S. Ash in beautiful Tempe. The Irish pub serves much more than Corona, such as Harp, Guinness and other Irish favorites. My guess on the distance from your house is "stumbling distance". Casey's opened in the Spring of 1986, but the historical site it inhabits was built in 1910. I will add more as I investigate further. Oh and look out for ghosts in the area as this place is rumored to be haunted. I can only assume, searching through past posts and links that Henning's is in reference to Henning Wallgren, as you stated a good friend and respected shooter. I admit that I am going about this post in an investigatory (if that is a word) manner, but it's what I do.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Couldn't figure it out, eh??:

It's obvious that this is (disguised as a Japanese bbq and rib joint) the now-defunct covert operational headquarters for the Iraqi Secret Service. The "manager" of the bbq joint, in disquise of course, calls himself Smokey Joe. In reality he is the recently removed Iraqi Information Minister.

The tall, slender object to the left in the picture is an Ernst Blofelt missile, targeted at "Bubbalou's Bodacious Barbeque" which is located two blocks down the street.

Most obvious is the Earthcomcon Satellite Transceiver, which is the round object to the left of the missile, which is also disguised--as an archery target.

Oh, yes, the white object in the foreground...this is Harvey's ear. He's there just to cause a little mischief.

Twern't so hard, wuz it?

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Well, with one day left it looks like flyingfrog is gonna take the checkered flag, based on accuracy. And I expected to see you (or another local) there on St Patty's Day, to figure out the piper. Who I had cleverly instructed to give a false name. Darn. But since we only had one humor participant, I think Ray deserves a tub of glide for honorable mention...?


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Well I still have a few minutes in March so why not just add some.

The place is called Casey Moore's Oyster House and Seafood Restaurant. locate in Tempe, AZ. 850 S ASH Tempe, Az. 85281. It is just 2 blocks west of Mill and 1 block south of University. Built in 1910, the unassuming building was originally home to William Moeur, brother of Arizona's second brief spell as a brothel, the legacy of which is a couple of fun-loving ghosts who continue to frustrate and flirt with patrons, employees, and neighbors. " Their ghostly laughter can be heard at night," says owner Patty St. Vincent, "they've been known to rearrange table settings and throw food and utensils on the floor all while giggling and creating a raucous

Gavin Rutledge and David Arkules, opened Casey Moore's in the spring of 1986, and as they well know, this Irish pub/restaurant is partly about history, partly about partying, but mostly about eating. It is the restaurant - quietly charming, a model of temperance - that boasts a true rarity. Decorated with remembrances of Patty's Irish grandmother, the restaurant has a look that is historically appropriate, yet the owners wisely know that what draws people to Casey Moore's Oyster House is a great chef. And they have one in Ian Westlake.

At Casey Moore's, you can count on three things: The staff won't sing you "Happy Birthday"; the other diners won't perform the "Funky Chicken"; and the kitchen won't follow the path of least culinary resistance.

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2001 Editorial Winner

Best College Bar/Club

Nominated for

Best College Bar/Club

Chairs and silverware have been rearranged overnight, light objects like a button have been thrown, and four consecutive occupants of a nearby house have seen a long-haired woman dancing early in the morning on the second floor, said Patty St. Vincent, an owner since 1985.

Well this for the most part is all I can come up with.

I do beleive the cut off white thing is your mail box and you bodly stroll no more than 50 feet from your front door to the front steps of this Haunted Seafood House known for their Rocafeller Oysters. :D :D

Well that's it for me. Hopefully I got in for the March deadline. Really wantin one of those books LOL.

Have a wonderful evening.

Paul Franklin

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Thanks for the last second entry, Paul. And yes, the food at Casey's is rock-solid.

And they have one in Ian Westlake.

That was my tip-off that that info possibly came from an outdated website?, because Ian's been gone for a few years now. And although their food is still top-notch, Ian was the greatest. And man, could that dude party. The job he did was truly outstanding considering how wasted he often was.

When I was first learning web building, one day, Henning Wallgren and were driving by our favorite drinking establishment and I just happened to have a new digital camera. So I stopped in the road real quick an snapped a pic out of the window of my VW Westfalia. So now as you probably guessed, the mysterious object is my Vdub's mirror.

So as I was building the home page of my site, I realized, hey, now I need to have the home page actually link to something. So as a joke the casey's pic became my first link. And since Henning and I have some excellent history there, the page became "Henning's Page." And it's great timing, because Henning just happens to be visiting from CO, and so far we've managed to kick a few back.

As far as how many steps it is from my house - I have no idea. I just put that in there for fun, and to imply that I live down the street. To which, as bigJoni remarked as she was helping me move in - "Dad, you could crawl home from Casey's from here."

And bigJoni's boyfriend, Brian Piland, played the bagpipes for all our and Casey's enjoyment on St Patty's Day. It was a whopping good time.

And, thanks largely due to my formally written proposal (on a napkin at the bar), Casey's now serves Pacifico _and_ Dos Equis Amber, in addition to many other fine, and some not so fine (Corona), beers.

Well, I think the (book) nod goes to flyingfrog, with a tub of Glide for comedy relief, to Ray. You guys send me your mailing addresses and I'll the stuff out.

Thanks guys!


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