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best saiga mag

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I have saiga 12 and tried to use 2 different promag mags a 20 round drum and a 10 round mag both ended up jamming on me multiple times during my first 3 gun match and both are going back under lifetime warranty... I have factory 5 rounder that works perfect but I want higer capacity... what is the "best" saiga hi capacity mag? thanks Johnny

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I've had good luck with all of the Surefire magazines I have used.

ETA: With any mag, I would use it several times at the range before it would get my approval to be used in a match. Just a suggestion, as if it doesn't work at the range it wont work at a match and you will save yourself some major frustration.

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the APG mags work in my gun, I've got both the 1st and 2nd generation mags, and both black and clear bodies, and they run flawlessly. note how many ands can you put in a sentence and not look retarded :rolleyes:

I've got 1 surefire 12 rounder and it hangs up about every other time I use it, which is too bad because it feel stronger, more solidly built than the apg mag.

I've been reading on the saiga12 forums about modifying the surefire followers and using APG springs in them to make them run, but that project is not on the top of my list yet.

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