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  1. I'd use my AKs hands down... 75 round drum with my choice of variant 7.62 x 39 is easy to get... and Saiga 12 with 20 round drum for up close and personal business 12 guage is also easy to acquire..
  2. muleymaniac81 out of curiosity, do you have any side effects from the lasik surgery?
  3. if you can operate AK get a Saiga 12... same operation just 12 guage shotgun... no more loading single rounds just mag or drums...
  4. self pull with buddy + 20 round drum + Saiga 12 guage= much fun... no, it's not competition with only 2 round max and all that... but fun... fun, fun, fun... FUN!
  5. any shooters here use frog lube? I've switched to it and love it... different than typical grease or oil... it is absorbed by metal and makes cleaning much easier... developed by navy seal. food grade... can apply with hands... good stuff.
  6. I also have slight astigmatism... but don't need special contacts or glasses for it or anything...
  7. I'm 32 and wear contacts... can see good up close with out them but everything is blurry further away... contacts correct me to 20/20... I've been thinking about getting laser correction but I've seen a few of the videos on you tube of the procedure being done and it freaks me out... seeing the lasers cut the eye... the smoke... no thanks...
  8. hello all, I've seen lasers you put in your handgun that every time you pull trigger it activates laser to show you where you are going to hit when doing dry firing practice... anybody here actually use these lasers and are they worth the $100 price tag? thanks, John
  9. hello all, I shoot with one eye closed with both handgun and rifle... I'm getting new scope with long eye relief to help with rifle but what are some beginning drills/exercises I can practice with dryfire to start breaking this habit and becoming proficient with both eyes open? thanks, Johnny
  10. once you break one in... you'll never have to manually load single shots... just load in mags or drums... mine took over 300 rounds to break it in... I've found the russian stock mags are most dependable but, they only hold 5 shots... you really need to break in the drums, manually cycled thru a couple hundred rounds and it works like a dream... i'd suggest shooting a few hundred rounds, then taking it to shoot clays especially if you can do self pull to get a real good feel for it... and make sure it'll run as fast as you need it to... make sure it is in setting #2 for shooting low brass... I use frog lube in mine and couldn't be happier...
  11. nice saigas nice shooting guys... they are the baddest shottys once you break them in...
  12. I love my Saiga 12 and it's performance in my last 3-gun match... got replacement 20 round drum from Pro mag and it performed flawlessly... takes much less time to load a drum than each round like the Benellis, Mossbergs etc... shoots as fast as I can pull the trigger... how many other Saiga shooters are on this forum? what have you done if anything to trick yours out... I added limbsaver pad and Tapco T6 pistol grip and stock.
  13. I use Saiga 12... it's AK Shotgun which is much faster to shoot than manualy loading each shot... I have 5,10 round mags and 20 round drum... I can only load 9 rounds where I shoot but, once you get one broken in, it's the fastest shotgun around.
  14. I love AKs and have been using them in 3-gun... I seem to be the only one shooting 7.62 x 39 in the matches... everyone else is using .223... anyone else using 7.62 x 39? am I the only one?
  15. I almost did this past sat at 3-gun match... I had Hungarian AMD-65 AK with 75 round drum which never gave me anything as much as a hiccup at shooting range... I was in big bay with around 40 targets and about 10 shots into rifle section the drum just didn't advance the next shot... I only had 20 rounds in my spare mag as I didn't think I would need more than that.... but, I took my lumps skipped the targets and moved on to shotgun stage and got failure to neutralize 20 shots and ended up last...
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