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Para problem


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Is this a new gun? Does it have the Power extractor? Either way,it sounds like you need to round the bottom of the extractor where the round slides under it. You just need to break any sharp corners,try not to remove any matieral just smooth and polish.

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Thanks for your reply... the gun is not a new one it has been used for about 1.5 years about 10k rounds with no problems and all of a sudden it won't feed... this an an avtec type extractor. I took it apart and cleaned the inside and the spring and put it back together and reinstalled.. it worked for 16 rounds and would not feed the second mag.

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I dicked around with the Power Extractor for about a year when I got my P16-40, but always had random failures to extract. I finally got frustrated enough that I bought some chromemoly tubing, OD ground it to size and pressed it into my extractor tunnel. Reamed the ID to standard 1911 dimensions, put in an AFTEC and never looked back. I'm over 10k rounds with the AFTEC now, with no issues.

Para will only sell an entire power ex-craptor assembly (no individual parts) via Brownells, and they're not cheap. On mine, first the internal detent/follower got mushroomed from the extractor's back end sliding across it. So, I made a new one out of a steel dowel (very hard). It ran for a while, but FTEs returned. Comparing the internal spring against a new one, it appeared to have collapsed. At that point I was pretty mad that I couldn't get a 25 cent spring, so I sleeved the tunnel.

Para wouldn't send me an extractor under warranty; they wanted the whole gun back. To me that was not acceptable, so I gladly became my own warranty station.


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