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Vertical Height of Bar

Steve Koski

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I'm designing a stage (not an IDPA match) that has four barrels in a diamond pattern. Shoot through the barrels.

What is a good height for the top of the lower barrel & bottom of the upper barrel? I want the shooters to be able to stand up and shoot through the upper barrel, and squat down and shoot through the lower barrel.

I've shot some USPSA classifier stages where you shot over and under a bar. That height was pretty good. What is it?



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I just watched Stoeger shoot "Off Balance Blast" on Youtube. That bar is lower than the classifier I'm remembering.

I measured a short lady in our office. It seems like if I put the vertical "split" at 42-45", then short people should still be able to shoot over the top.

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Found a stage description for Off Balance Blast. http://www.classifiercalc.com/classifier_diagrams/99-39.pdf

When Scott originally designed this he had a bar that could be adjusted up and down for different people. He decided it didn't need adjusted. The stage description lists it at 3 feet.

The original design was a 42 or 48 round standards. :D

What you are doing sounds like it is might be a little different. It looks like short people might have an advantage if you put the top barrel just low enough for them to shoot through and the lower one just below it. Looks like you need to measure a bunch of people with their arms stretched out. ;)

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so put a step ladder or a row of cinderblocks on your course,, why should ports always handicap tall shooters and favor shorter ones ? vertical slits are much better than ports.

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