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  1. Agree that pics would help. Does it do it only when shooting double action or single action as well?
  2. I must disclose that I haven't shot IDPA in years and, since I am not familiar with the current rulebook, I don't know if there is a rule that validates this call. It would still be nice to have more details but if the MD has justification to think it's a safety issue then he can make it a DQ, if the MD is just making stuff then that's another issue. Kinda tough to guess the MD's intention at a local match if we're not there? I would really like to know myself because safety is foremost at matches and the wide range of shooter skills you have to try to think of everything but I also hate
  3. Either one is fine for SSP. Stippling on other than removable backstrap is ESP, magwell is ESP, Apex's new forward set trigger is ESP. Greg
  4. MD was specific in saying in the meeting "any shot within 10 ft of the shooter is a DQ", they were looking for tight safety being their first carbine match. So what do you do if the shooter cites the rule book regarding the call of shooting the wood.... You can have match specfic rules set by the MD. If the MD made it a rule and it was addressed during the shooters meeting it's the law for the match. That being said and if it's accurate it's without a doubt a DQ. Greg
  5. I've shot quit a few 124 / 125's and TG in several different guns and 4.0 "SHOULD" be 130ish or better but when in doubt bump it up a tenth or two if your not near max. Using other peoples data is ok to get started but don't trust anything you don't see in your own gun. Every gun (and Barrel in said gun) and every lot of powder is a little different. Greg
  6. Garry, Trail Boss is so light it's very sensitive to static, or is for me. I had to take my powder measure apart and wipe everything down with a dryer sheet to get rid of the static issue, and at the top of the stroke pause for about an extra second or two to give the powder time to fall. Also polishing the inside of the powder funnel may help if needed. I load my 38's on a 550 also. I don't have any extreme spread issues with the velocity I did with a couple other powders due to low case density. Greg edit: 231 is a good choice, another reason I like TB is it's pretty clean for a light
  7. I'm sure I'm a little slow and / or very possibly missing something but on incident: #1 I don't see shooting a barrel as a DQ-able offense and on, #2 if it was a barrel or wood I don't see a DQ either, if the edge of cover was metal or somthing else hard it shouldn't have been used in a stage and if it was should have been addressed to give extra caution to in the walk thru. If these cover items were wood or plastic but a DQ was going to be giving for shooting them it should have been addressed in the shooters meeting and in the COF and walk thru. Like I said these are just my opinions and
  8. My guess it would be scored like a DNF for the stage. The shooters were only DQ'ed from the specific stage but shot the remainder of the match for score. If you are trying to say they did something unsafe it's a DQ not a DNF and they are done for the match. Greg
  9. No, there is nothing in the rule book about shooting stage props. The two yards is only in reference to an AD hitting the ground down range of you. Greg
  10. 160rn Bayou Bullet and 4.2gr Trail Boss. Clean, soft and makes about 108,000 or 110,000 out of my 4" 686. Greg
  11. Be hard to say without knowing the situation but I don't know of anything in the rulebook regaurding DQ's for shooting range props, would think if there were to be DQ's or PE's giving for shooting range props it would be addressed in the COF or shooters meeting. And yes the MD has the final say and can over ride the SO and a DQ is for the match. Greg
  12. I would have to agree! I stopped by Warren's last summer to pick up a mover base and got to visit with him for a couple hours and and get a tour of his shop and check out some of his revo's. I also shoot with one of the KC guys sometimes and have shot his 625 that Warren worked on. I'll have to say Warren is a first class guy and the stuff he makes and his revo-smithing skill are top notch as well. I also know a guy down here that bought a mover base and a local smith butchered it trying to install it, Warren found out about this when he sent a courtesy email to see how he liked the mover
  13. Great video, Thank you! I've been wanting to do some video of shooting and riding dirt bikes and this definitely helps. I had been debating between the Go Pro and Contour cameras and I think I'll try the Contour after watching this. Greg
  14. I've heard this numerous times and the people that say it: 1 - Think the SO's just hang out and shoot the stages all day and cut each other breaks on thscoringng since their all buddies and want to cheat for each other. 2 - These are people that are getting beat by the SO's. 3 - Are whiners that just want to bitch and are to lazy to show up the day before a or 3 hours early to help set up so they can find out SO's usually bust ass to get things set up and 10 minutes later strapping on gear and shooting their stages instead of standing around BSing with their squad and wondering why the mat
  15. The coating on Bayou Bullets is not moly, don't know what it is but I haven't had much more smoke than fmj. Greg
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