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First USPSA match today - hello from San Jose, Ca


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Hello World! Been reading and learning from many of your post and range diaries.

Decide to put up my first post because ...

I just shot my first USPSA competition today!!!

Love to get acquainted with you and if you are local, maybe we can practice together!!!


Below is what I learned that was not obvious from reading:

Myth 1: diff. divisions compete separately

All divisions compete together. Before me was an open GM, after me was a single stack A, and I was participating in production.

Myth 2: diff. Skill level compete separately

In my squad were GM, M, a, b, c, and people like me U (unclassified)

Myth 3: cost about same as weekend golf that it is replacing

We used up 170 to 200 rounds in 5 stages. That plus match fees would be about $70. So instead of my original plan to shoot every week; maybe I will just shoot 1 match per month instead and intermix with dry fire and practices.

Um, airsoft uspsa anyone? I got some BAM Airsoft prop.


I have also become "aware" of areas I need to wrok on.

Double tap: I consistently get A's on the first shot. But second shot was all over. Target master milpitas where I used to practice does not allow double tap or shooting for more than 1 shot per sec. Yet, this is predominant in USPSA! I also do some backyard airsoft however, one can't practice this one dry fire or with airsoft since second shot tests one's recoil mgmt. Got work to do on this one. Saturday practices!!

Distance/accuracy: targets today were consistently at 10-15 yd. Vs I normally practice 3, 5, 7 yd for ccw/defensive purposes. I use carbine for longer range typically. Well, better start it now!

Weak hand: my wake hand are fine for < 7 yrd since I do practice that and pt shooting; however, didn't realize they put the targets at 10-15 yd too!

Star swinger: a few misses here.

No prob. yet With draw, reload, movement, kneeling for now though I will need more mag pouches.

A bit anxious but it was exciting. If you haven't done a match yet, be like me, go for it. I learned a lot today.

Thanks for a great forum.

Looking forward to meet future mentors, training buddies, and have an awesome year of shooting in 2011!

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Glad you had fun, Eddie.

Were you at Richmond? I missed the match, but plan on being back soon. As far as the myths go:

Yes, we all (different divisions as well as different classes) compete together, but each division is scored separately. Much more sociable that way.

The cost - once you become a member (which saves you 5 bucks each match and practice) and start reloading your own ammo, the cost drops. It'll cost you maybe $45, and that's if you're paying the full match fee. If you help out, you'll save part or all of the match fee, as the club rewards those who contribute.

It's good that you've found things you want to work on - it means you've got the interest and desire. Welcome to your new addiction.



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Hi Kevin,

Yes, I had my first shooting match at Richmond Hotshot. Thanks for your commetns about costs. Look forward to seeing you there and/or TASC in the future and learn more!!! Seems many people shoot at both clubs.


Regarding the benefit being grouped with diff. division/diff. class in the same squad (I always look for the positive in any circumstances...)

Below is one example I learned in terms of tactics.

There were 3 boxes to shoot from (you have to be inside a box to shoot). Most people shot from the starting box in the center. THEN before my turn, I saw one higher class person, run to the 2nd box to shoot first INSTEAD? instead of shooting from the starting box!

Why? A confusion set in.

Now anytime there's a confusion or myth for a "beginner" like me - that's a good thing (I learned that from other fields.) It's a signal we may be about to learn something new if we are open to it.

Sure enough. After asking people why he did that, I learned:

In this particular stage, we started with gun unloaded. So the first few seconds were used in draw, load, and racking the slide. Now, there were total of three trips that need to be between boxes (one overlaps). So he saved the traveling time on one trip by using the starting loading time to travel.

Economy of motion = speed


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welcome tot he wonderful world of action pistol competition, dive on in, the water is deep and is warm, some ofthe greatest people you will ever meet will be on the stages you shoot, an BTW dont be intimidated aboutthe skills and or equipment of other shooters, remember they once started out like you, and 1 otherthing, the only dumb question is the one you dont ask....enjoy

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welcome to the sport, which is sure as hell addicting. Speed and accuracy will eventually come with dry fire and practice. Stage breakdown and tactics will come with match experience and by watching other shooters, not necessarily only the higher ranked ones. Creative stage breakdown can come from the C and B shooters as well. Enjoy the ride.

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Thanks. I am going to meditate on "Shoot slow; do everything else fast."

BTW, the link below is my first USPSA practice at the same range this morning. Cold and cloudy days but this is TOO MUCH FUN!!

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Thanks everyone for your welcome and comments! I am learning.

I have started a "Range Diary" now having 2 USPSA matches and 2 "official" USPSA practices under my belt.

Please feel free to give me critiques or pointers to improve my USPSA shooting!

Range Diary: Yesplayer's Adventure in Action Shooting


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