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Playing with a new bullet....

Adam P.

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Picked up some 180gr TC Missouri Bullets to try out in my M&P. I've got Green Dot, Power Pistol, and some HS-6 powder on hand. All I am looking for is a minor PF load that works well with one of these powders that won't cause much leading. Mainly looking to see if anyone has had any luck with any of the powders I mentioned.


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I've shot a ton of 180TC lead bullets (they weren't Missouri though, but I assume the same profile, etc.), all loaded with Power Pistol. My current load is 5.6 grains at 1.12. I have loaded them as hot as 6.7 grains, but even around 5 grains they should shoot nicely.

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of those powders, i would try green dot first. especially for minor.

for either major or minor...or any other general purpose load i would pick up a pound of WST...

cleaner than any of the above listed powders and it will cut your smoke production in half.

i would run around 3.0 WST with a 180 cast at 1.135 oal for a decent minor load, adjust to suit.

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