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weird off center primer strike issue.

Mat Price

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ok last week at a match I got bit bad by light strikes. the set up then was 13lb ismi recoil spring 4 lb wold striker spring ghost rocket connector winchester primers. It was freezing got light strikes on the first stage by the hand full.

ok after i blew that stage I dropped the the whole striker out of the 24 tossed in a bone stock brand new striker assembly out of my glock 22 in went the rest of the match on winchester primers with zero issues.

so fast forward a week later.. at the range i grab a hand full of of 40's from my buddy with wolf primers just to see if the stock set up on the striker would pop them off... 50% failed. I look at the FTF and they are severe off center strikes. ok weird. so then i look at my winchester primed loads they also are off center but i guess still soft enough to go bang... first thought ok something is wrong with the striker. Tkae his whole striker out of his stock glock 22 which was setting off the wolf primers 100% put it in mine no bang 50% FTF so that rules out a striker issue.

channel is clean ect..

So my next step is to remove my 13 lb ISMI recoil spring and and put the stock spring back in and see if that cures the issue? It does not fail lock up test. but I am thinking maybe the stock spring and stiker is to much for the 13 spring?

sound solid ?

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Hmm. Definitely a sever case aftermark-itis. Sort of Glock arthritis. wink.gif

Return your G17's innards to box stock. Evaluate one change at a time.

The absolute key to a running Glock is keeping it as Glock as possible.


edited due to a LONG shift......

Edited by Jman
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lol Jman real long shift... since i working with a glock 24! I did that though am back bone stock now with the exception of the rocket.

I will give it a try tomorrow with the factory recoil and factory striker springs ect.. if it doesn't fix the issue I am not sure were to turn next.


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Greg Hamilton, the head man at InSights Training Center here in Washington state, once told me of a problem that occurred with his own carry Glock 23 once he put some rounds through it - in his case around 6,000. He started getting about one shot out of every ten that was hitting way high. Well, he said to himself, "I know it's not me doing that," so he started watching the gun. About once every ten shots it would fail to go completely into battery. Since Glocks will fire out of battery more so than most auto pistols, the gun still went bang but that shot went high. Over time the problem got worse and worse until the gun began misfiring.

What Greg discovered was that the underside of the forward portion of the ejection port, and the top/front edge of the barrel hood where they mate had begun to batter each other, the steel there was peened and deformed. I would suggest field stripping your gun and running a fingertip along the underside of the forward portion of the ejection port, and the top of the forward portion of the barrel hood, and see if you feel a curl of metal in either or both places.

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ok sports fans! of course my stuff can't be simple.

trouble shooting cont.

put the stock guide rod and spring back in it leaving nothing but a ghost rocket connector still getting light strikes on wolf primers and off center strikes on winchester and federal.

so ah!HA! the rocket is bent a lil to far out lets eliminate the trigger group... drop in a complete trigger group from a range rental... no go :(

so i am dumb founded right? i keep plugging... Then I say to myself "SELF" what happens if you eliminate the whole bottom end. Ok so I grab a frame small frame 40 go out and low and behold! all bangs no clicks using a range rental frame, trigger group, my 24 slide and lonewolf bbl and stock striker spring and striker. but they are still a bit off center... hmmm so I take the trigger group out of that frame and put it in my 24 frame thinking surely it will go bang since this trigger group just set off everything in this frame... well that would be a BIG NEGATIVE ghost rider. stumped again... ok so at this point what can it hurt... I put my custom trigger group in the range rental frame... and it never even thought about going click every pull was a bang. this is on wolf primers keep in mind... WTF!!!!!!!!!!

I have one test to perform before I send this BBL back to lone wolf... If it goes bang in my stock glock bbl I think we have found the culprit. I think something may be out of wack where the bbl joins the locking block.

I will try this when i go in tonight.

PS range rental banged away at everything i fed it to rule out high primers/load issue. this thing is giving me light strikes and off center two and 3 at a time.

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Wolf Barrels are very tight as they have tried to go with a more supported chamber than the stock barrel. As such the brass will not fully chamber and the glock will not fire. Chamber check your rounds, then try to feed them by hand in the glock barrel. I am 100% sure that the round will not 'drop in' and you will have to use a white bullet tip on the dremel to chamfer a slight relief so the round drops in. That will solve your problem as I have just fixed 2 glocks with the exact same issues just recently. I did not remove much metal at all. a little autosol polish, and keeping everything concentric, it took maybe 0015" off the inside.

Now all glocks are working well, 100% even with a ton of mods done to them.

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Did it work flawlessly before you installed the new barrel?

A good pistolsmith once told me something I have never forgotten: "Whenever a previously 100 percent reliable gun suddenly starts puking on you, the first thing you should always ask yourself is, 'What did I change?'" If your gun worked perfectly, you changed the barrel, suddenly it's not working perfectly, the problem is obviously the new barrel. Put the gun back the way it was when it ran perfectly (in this case go back to the stock barrel), the gun will, in overwhelming probability, begin working perfectly again.

Just out of curiosity, what were you trying to accomplish with the aftermarket barrel? (I'm pretty sure it wasn't making the gun misfire. :))

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well the issue is the bbl after all. run the glock bbl with all the mods back in place and runs like a scladed dawg! SOOOOO this bbl is on its way back to lone wolf for some chamber modification. what is happening is the chaber is just spec to short and holding open just enough to only cause light strikes on super hard primers. so I am going to send my realods to them and let them fit the bbl to them. I shoot 180 grn LRN and that should cover me.

lol duane not that wasn't the primary purpose of the bbl. it the primary purpose was to shoot lead. I shoot GAT bullets really good bullets.


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