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  1. I shoot coated out of my open guns. I do get a touch of leading in the barrel though. I clean that up with a 20 rounds of jhp...
  2. I load 4.0 grains of Wst behind a black bullets int 135 at 1.135. Any reason not to do the same for blue bullets 135 Also.. Blue bullets 147 RN I want to try some tite group trying to load sub sonic for an octane 9hd thinking 3.0 grains of tite group
  3. Anyone shoot these out if a 9mm I messed up and hit the wrong button when ordering. Be shot out of an xd tactical and 9mm edge
  4. Gump, i have run them with 4756/hs6/and autocomp. They did very well. I prefer the black bullets only because in my gun with the big holes they tend to smoke less than the bayous which is almost none. I found in my other gun with the small holes they are identical in performance and lack of crudyness
  5. I have run Bayou 124s.they run pretty good. The key to all the moly bullets is crimp. Use just enough to remove the flare. Any more than that and they are going to tumble and smoke, from the exposed lead where the molly is cut. Also use enough flare to not shave the molly also
  6. i run black bullets 124/135 love them no comp crud
  7. Wish I could afford a set
  8. So I have read through this thread. I'm rimfire dumb. But I a 22/45 polymer frame. Is the upper on that pistol and say the vol. lower compatible
  9. No connection folks here? It's not a misprint. A transom is grading tool use to set elevations in construction. Ie using a transom guarantees all teasers are the same height It's what the guys that look through the little telescope things on the highway to shoot grades Jeez didn't know this was ten years old
  10. My starting load for the bbi 125 is 8.0 grains of 4756 at 1.255 and it gives me bout 158 pf. Got a few thousand 135 bbi I would like to burn through what do you guys think for a good starting load II'm thinking 7.5 4756 with a 135 black bullets at 1.255 and a wolf srp. Would be from the same jug as my 125 load
  11. Put it to you like this I shot fluffy's revenge 2 Sunday in 3.1 seconds dropped two point for a whopping 12.109 h/f that's big ole 91% in open lol.. Compare that to production or limited and you will see my point I thought for sure I had my first official Gm classifier... Fail lmao
  12. I have had them completely rebuild one new adjustment screws body ect all they kept was the diode wires and glass. 75 bucks had it back in a week
  13. Not to hard to explain Eric. I find because I have to see so much faster to stay competitive in open those skills translate the same to irons. At 5yards I can run my production gun almost as fast as I can my open gun. As the distance increases the speed begins to differ exponentially. For example I run the Enos transition drill 3 seconds slower at ten yards with my production gun than my open.
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