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USPSA has come to Charlotte metro area

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We are pleased to announce that beginning January 15th, 2011 Central Carolina Shooting Club (SC13) will be hosting monthly USPSA matches at our outdoor range near Edgemoor, SC on the 3rd Saturday of the month.

Matches will have at least five stages with 1 being a classifier.

Registration starts at 9:00 am & shooting will start at 10:00 am.

Edgemoor, SC is located 20 Minutes south of Charlotte NC, and 1 Hour north of Columbia SC.

Ps. I would also like to thank everyone that came out in 2010 and helped get USPSA started at the club and getting our affiliation with USPSA.

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In general terms, will these be hoser-type stages or challening-type stages?

I know there will be a mix, but what is this club's "theme" or "doctrine?"

Your club calendar shows the match being on the 22nd, with 3gun being held on the 15th. Can you confirm the dates before we make the drive from Chucktown?


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The club "doctine" is to prepare people for major matches while having fun. That being said we try to balance hoser-type stages with challenges that test the shooters skills at shooting, stage read, and planning.

The dates and times posted here are correct.

Unfortunately, the webmaster has not yet gotten around to updating the website.

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What is the plan for 5 stages? Last time I was at that club (which was a while ago) they only had 3 or 4 bays.

Correct, we currently have 4 bays. We run 3 high round count field stages and in 1 bay we put the classifier and either a small stage or a "standards" type stage that focuses on some skills that are seen / have been seen in of the major matches.

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