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Is the Apex RAM needed if I put in a USB?


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I just ordered the USB from SSS, and was reading descriptions of it and the RAM. Sounds like the USB makes reset more distinct, so do will the RAM do more, and do I need it? I already have the hard sear in it.

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USB will make a minor improvement in reset, but the biggest improvement it made for me was eliminating stacking & grit in the pull.

I do not have the RAM, but I would say that if you're really seeking the snappier reset, the RAM is what you want.

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While I can imagine how the USB could have an impact on the overall feel of the trigger on return, it's not at all apparent to me how it could have any impact (at all) on actual 'reset' feel, in the sense of the trigger bar dropping back across the front of the sear cam. The two seem unrelated to me. Your thoughts?

As for reset feel in general, are you guys actually aware of reset even occurring when shooting fast? The only time I'm actually aware of it is when I'm doing drills, or when I'm aiming for hits on tough (and generally distant) targets. Is this a bad thing?

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