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Hi Cap Para P15-40 Mags


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I have a Para P15 in 40 S&W for which I have only 10 round magazines. I would like to know what my options are for getting Hi Cap magazines. (Other than buying a P16-40 pistol.) Since I have little experience with Para Ordnance I'm looking for help. Some questions, I have, are.

1. Will P16-40 mags fit the P15-40 frame?

2. What aftermarket solutions are available?

3. Are there any factory HiCap P15-40 to be had?

Thanks (Suggestions Welcome)

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Thanks for your input. P15 is to the P16 for Para as the Commander is to the Government model for Colt (I suspect). The frame/grip/magazines or the same for both models for Colt. I find it hard to believe that Para would be any different. To build two different "lock up" mechanisms seems a waste of good engineering. :)

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The P15.40 and P13.45 both have (the same) shorter grips than the P16.40 and P14.45.

The longer mags will fit and work in the shorter guns, but obviously not vice versa.

The best bet for magazines is to either use P16.40 mags, or try to use P13.45 mags, which may or may not work depending on the feed lips.

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I have four mags that came with the P-16 Para frame kit that subsequently turned into my match gun, sold to me by the pvt. seller along with the two mags that came w/ the frame kit. Turns out that the tubes on these four mags are 0.100" shorter than the regular mags, and I assume that they are actually P-15's.

Interestingly, they WILL fit into all my P-16 sized derivatives (frame kit, shortened to take an S&A magwell, standard P-16, and P-16 LDA), but NOT with the standard polymer Para base pad or most after market pads. The four came with stamped metal, Para marked base plates like what you would find on a standard 1911 milspec mag. With those on the tubes, no problem. I also found some machined aluminum +2 base pads (so old I don't know from where) that will fit.

It seems that if the thickness of the base pad over the groove machined into it (which receives the flange on the base of the tube) is too high, the shorter tube won't seat in a P-16. So, no Grams, Dawson or Arredondo's on these mags. But with these funky old pads and Arredondo follower kits, I get 17 in reliably, and 19 unreliably. I use 'em as backups to my Grams tuned match mags.

I think your best bet is P-16 mags. They are probably both more available and more versatile (they work in both variants), unless mcoliver knows a source of hicap Mec-Gar mags. But if you're set on the P-15 mags, pm me and mebbe we can deal :D (unless you live in California, like I do :angry: ).

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My mec-gar mags are all marked P15-40 and they work fine in any Para pistol.

I could be wrong but the designation P16-40 means 16 rounds of 40cal, that's 15 in the mag and one in the pipe.

The full capacity mag for a 1640 is supposed to hold 16 rounds of .40, so total capacity would be 16 + 1 .

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Thanks for all your help. Unfortunately, the NIB P15 I won on AA.com (at a great price BTW) was reportedly destroyed in shipping from a shop in the south. :o:angry: Anyway, I found a P16-40 in PA with a HiCap certificate (also at a great price). The P16 will probably work better in the long run. :D Now I get to spend all kinds of cash on accessoies and modifications. :( Thanks again DVC

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