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John Wooden


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John Wooden was great influence on my life. A great coach. A great role model. No swearing, no criticizing teammates, always give your maximum effort. Always be ready to compete at your highest level. Never strive to beat someone, just to be the best you can possibly be. The greatest basketball coach ever. The most humble one. He will be greatly missed and always remembered.

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Saw him speak a few years ago.

What an inspiration! How he influenced basketball is clearly incredible. But how he stuck to his core values and just never let the fame, the game, the celebrity get to him. That is a story in and of itself.

Probably time to revisit one of his books.

God Speed Coach.


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He was a life long family friend of one of my previous girlfriends family. He and her grandmother went to school together in Martinsville. I guess he would always stop in to visit when he was in Indy if he was able. She died a few years ago (at 96) and he was too ill to attend, but sent flowers. You can imagine with the caliber of man he was her family has some pretty great stories about him.


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A great man..with discipline, principles, commitment and heart.

Love this story of him.

:By Rick Reilly, Sports Illustrated

"A Paragon Rising above the Madness"

On Tuesday the best man I know will do what he always does on the 21st of the month. He'll sit down and pen a love letter to his best girl. He'll say how much he misses her and loves her and can't wait to see her again. Then he'll fold it once, slide it in a little envelope and walk into his bedroom. He'll go to the stack of love letters sitting there on her pillow, untie the yellow ribbon, place the new one on top and tie the ribbon again.

The stack will be 180 letters high then, because Tuesday is 15 years to the day since Nellie, his beloved wife of 53 years, died. In her memory, he sleeps only on his half of the bed, only on his pillow, only on top of the sheets, never between, with just the old bedspread they shared to keep him warm. :

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