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  1. You need to contact me about the $500 you owe me for the 8000 WPS primers

    Robert Keller

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      This is not a PM...I suggest using the PM feature for private conversations.

    2. rgkeller


      Tried that No response

  2. Bill, Can you post a pic of the other side of the CZ with the DP Pro mounted?
  3. Was the DP Pro mounted in their "Multi Optic Cut?
  4. Weight loss comes mostly from what you eat. Ditch the carbs - ALL grains and grain based products like pasta and cereal and bread, potatoes, beans, sugars. Eat green veggies, eggs, meat, fish fowl. Don't worry about low fat. You will lose a lot of fat and be healthier.
  5. "We are not violating our affiliation agreement. Our agreement specifically mentions our club rules. I don't know why people can't accept that..." I certainly can accept USPSA giving specific exemptions to normal rules and regulations in unusual and specific cases. But giving the option to individuals or clubs to decide which procedures and rules to follow and which to ignore means there are really no rules.
  6. If USPSA rules are a hindrance to growth, then change the rules/agreements.
  7. USPSA seems to be run largely on a wink a and a nod. Sad.
  8. Pretty sure getting clubs thrown out is not what the job is abouthelping clubs overcome these types of hurdles and continue bringing in affiliated clubs is more of the direction but thanks for offering helpful suggestions As a USPSA HQ paid employee, the Club Liason should be obligated to ensure USPSA rules and agreements are enforced.
  9. And which clubs are those? The ones that affiliated with USPSA but hold members only matches.
  10. Clubs that are knowingly violating their written agreements with USPSA have no room on the high moral ground.
  11. Rooting out and getting the clubs that are violating their agreement with a USPSA to comply or get thrown out would be a good job for the new USPSA Club Coordinator. A good start would be a warning article in Front Sight.
  12. Except that Nils wins major championships and BJ does not
  13. If TGO is shooting better now than he did ten years ago, it necessarily follows that EG is now the best shooter ever. In both open and production. (And evidently limited) And I wouldn't bet against him if he took up Single Stack.
  14. Great eyesight and reflexes are "natural" attributes that one either has or doesn't. EG has them. As did TGO Without them, one cannot be an all timer USPSA/IPSC shooter.
  15. I see someone down range after Make Ready, I am yelling "stop."
  16. The way to go. If you get a prescription for front sight to eye distance. (A little longer than reading distance) and some good single lens glasses made, it will be even better. Some folks can put a lens for distance for the non dominant eye. Didn't work for me. Target will be blurred. Doesn't affect accuracy as much as you might think.
  17. I will shoot for sure. Will join main club if practicing USPSA is available.
  18. After counting the targets to make sure you don't overlook anything, start at the end and work your way back to the start. Make your plan around the locations that you must shoot from because certain targets can only be engaged from the one location.
  19. Does Trinity make a single stack frame or slide in 9mm?
  20. Good way to ruin your life. Another good way is to post about it on a public forum.
  21. I wonder if JB still has uses that unique speed reloading technique
  22. rgkeller

    Thumb Rest

    Position of TR dictates your grip on the pistol. GoPedal gives a different grip the traditional thumbs forward style. I believe a traditional grip that gives a straight up and down dot movement is the best. If you have strong hands and can really lock the pistol down, a TR may work for you.
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