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HELLO form SW Louisiana


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A quick hello to everyone on the forum and a preemptive apology for all the forth coming questions. My exposure to firearms has been limited - actually nonexistent until I justpurchased an AR15 and G17 within the last several months. Took a defensive handgun course a few weeks ago and loved every minute of it. Even though I'm late to the game at 42, I'm looking forward to makig up for lost time. I called it a game, but rest assured, I understand there is a very serious side to it as well.

I'm looking to participate in IDPA or IPSC as I just found out matches are held almost every week within an hours drive. I also purchased (from Brian) a Dillon 550B. Just put together my first loads and have a few questions to start. I'll address those momentarily in the proper forum.

So...to all those who will roll their eyes or will say 'do a search' with what I'm sure will be a high post count of questions - many very basic, many stupid, and I'm sure most if not all have been asked before - i say...oh well, and to those who will ultimately provide clear direction and advise, I say much thanks and appreciation. :cheers:

Very excited to join the forum.

Take care, Joe

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Welcome from another bayou resident. You'll find more info here in the Benoverse, from more helpful and knowledgeable people, that anywhere else on the net. Explore, ask questions and improve your shooting!



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