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CED Range Bag


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Does anyone have experience with the CED Range Bag? either the professional or the deluxe.

I'm getting a new open gun and want to get a new range bag. I am considering the shooters connection range bag but

don't gag, my open gun will have blue grips so I was hoping to get a bright blue bag which CED has.

Of course I will go with quality and functionality over colour but if quality and functionality are equal then colour wins.


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I have one in black. It works great except that if I had to do it all over, I would go with something a little bigger. Oneote thing, gorban open pistol, the gun protector sleeves seemed to be a little small. I use mine for a Limited STI and with the xtra length of barrel/comp and optics....fit would be tight.....

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Hello: I like the Shooters Connection bag a little better. Chuck thought it out and he has things so they just plan work. I have owned alot of different range bags and the Shooters Connection bags seem to work the best. You need a contrast so get the navy blue bag :roflol: Thanks, Eric

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I have a CED Professional range bag. It's very well made but I needed a bit more room. I'm currently using a Shooters Connection Tournament Series Ultra range bag. With the additional space the SC Ultra works better for me than the CED. BTW the gun rug that comes with the CED Professional will hold a full size open gun with slide racker.

And I'm with you on coordinating colors. I get tired of black being the only choice available for a lot of our gear. :D


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