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OAL for rifle loads - 68gr+ bullets


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I'm getting ready to start trying to work up some loads for use in 3gun and varmint hunting. I will most likely be going with a varmint bullet in the 55-60gr range so this thread is mainly towards the heavier bullets for longer range 3gun use. my question is fairly simple I suppose, but can say a Hornady 68gr match bullet be seated deep enough to fit in a standard magazine? not pinning myself to that one, but something along those lines is what I'm thinking about trying.

For those using the heavier style bullets in auto-feeding rifles, what type of loads are you using? I would like to stick with Hogdon/IMR/Accurate/Ramshot/VV powders for most if not all my loads. I'm not adverse to different powders for different uses, although one powder for multiple loads would be ideal (i like keeping things easy :closedeyes: )


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any Resonable book will have the oal @ 1.250" ( 2.250" unsure.gif I seat them at that or just below and the work reliably in my P mags and Reg mags including the 45 rd Nordic con

I load 69 Sierra or the 69 Nosler with 24.5-24.7 of Varget @ 2800 fps in a 20" barrel I don't much use that load under 250 yards

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Jaime means 2.25" in OAL :D To my knowledge all of the 55, 68, 69 gr bullets can be loaded to mag length. I do know 77gr Sierra's and 75gr Hornady BTHP's can also be loaded at 2.25 however hornady 75gr Amax's at mag length won't work. With respect to any other bullets your on your own

I like Western Powders as they measure great in the dillon powder measures. I use Exterminator for the 55's and TAC for the 69's and 75's

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I worked up two 3-gun rifle loads: 55 gr FMJ-BT's w/ Win748 for most stages, and 69 gr HPBT's w/ RL-15 for the 250-330 yd stuff that our MD likes to torment us with ("it's that MGM reactive plate to the left of that sagebrush, can't you see it?").

Both bullets are the bulk Milspecs bullets from Wideners. OAL of 2.250" has been working good in the Magpul mags. I trim the cases to 1.175", weigh the brass and keep the low weight (<93 gr) brass for the long range bullets and use whatever I have handy for the 55 grainers. 69 gr bullets go in the mags with red tape, 55 gr bullets go in the mags with blue tape...

I'm zero'd for 200 yds with those loads, which means I'm 1.5" low at 25, nuts on at 50, 1.5" high at 100, and something like 14" low at 300 yds. Rifle is fine, glass works, but the contacts sometimes dry out on my -meaning the eyeballs don't work so good sometimes.

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