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Working 3rd Shift


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Not pleasant, not natural, not normal, not good for family, not good for social life, not healthy, makes it hard to get to matches, have to burn vacation just to do normal people things, and people don't get why I don't want to do things in the middle of the day. How would those SOBs like it if I started scheduling things for them at 2:00AM?

But that $0.90 shift differential makes it all worthwhile.


No, it still sucks.

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I've been working 3rd's for a very long time. It has it's down sides for sure but the extra money I make means that I don't have to work overtime or take details to make ends meet. You correct about the health and social life things too. Oh, waite, I don't have a social life. I'm married!!!

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When I first retired from the Army about 10 years ago I signed on for a third shift job. I only lasted about 6 months. I never did even remotely get used to it.

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Sometimes my job makes me work an 8 hour day (7:00am - 4:00pm), then turn around and work a double starting at 10:00pm that night till 2:00pm the next day, then back at 7:00am the following day. All while living more than two hours deive from work. I'been doing that, usually once a wekk, for close to 22 years now.

My motto: You can sleep when you're dead.

Or, look at it this way: An average person sleeps 8 hours in 24. This means you sleep one third of your life away. I only get on average 4 hours per night, so I am living more than the average person by one sixth of my life! :cheers:

Of course, this does lead to being nicknamed Grumpy.......

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