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Bringing reloading supplies into the US


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Here is the situation:

Let's say a Canadian citizen that comes to the US for the winter(about 5 months) every year, wants to bring powder and primers with them to reload with while they are here. They have a buddy that will let them use a press. Is that allowed? Who do you go to to see? How is it declared when they come into the US? Anybody have any ideas?


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All imports and exports of components of ammunition are strictly controlled.

BUT, seeing as Canada is a drive away not a flight away all you would need to do would be contact the BATFE Import COntrols and most likely fill out a NIA Form 6, we used to do this every year for guns and ammo for the Bianchi Cup. We now have storage in MO. But hat is an excption not the rule.

Seeing as some components are getting difficult to get and you obviously want to use what you already own, bringing it in is wise. The amounts are not restricted per se, except where State Law concerning actual amounts of propellant material can be transported in opened containers. Cases and projectiles would be the safest to cart about. Primers and Powders are the ones that will get the attention of someone who thinks they are important.

The paperwork and time involved may not be worth it for me (I travel 8000Miles), but I think for you it will be vialble.

Hope this helps.

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Leave the stuff at home and buy there.

You will need an Export Permit from DFAIT and an Import Permit from State/Commerce Dept to get the components into the US.

If you want to bring the US purchased components to Canada, you would require an Import Certificate from DFAIT and an Export permit from State/Commerce Dept.

If you get caught transporting the components without the said paperwork, then you may be deported and/or serve jail time.

You also need form 6NIA to be in possession of ammo.

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