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New to forum from MT

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Well, I've made a few posts, bought gear through the classifieds, and my 625 is getting ready to ship to Mike Carmoney for some weight reduction... I guess I had better introduce myself.

"Trebor Snave", of course, is Robert Evans spelled backwards. There's too many Bob Evans' around to make finding a good internet handle easy - and for all you back east, yes I make my own sausage; No, I don't own any restaurants.

I've been shooting since I was a little kid. Got my first revolver on my 14th birthday and started reloading right around then as well. I didn't get exposed to competitive shooting until 1995 when the National Guard invited me down to Little Rock for the WPW matches as a "pick-up" pistol team member. Talk about an eye-opening experience! I'd thought I was a decent pistol shot until then. I went down the next couple of years on the rifle team, shot NRA High Power now and then, and even earned some rifle leg points.

Then I started a family, got new jobs both on the civilian side and in the Guard, and didn't have the time to devote to shooting for the next six or seven years. Throw in a deployment, too. When the dust finally settled, I found myself in another job in the Guard, as the Small Arms Readiness Training NCO for the State. Big title, but what it boils down to is that I help units run ranges when requested, but mainly I oversee any marksmanship competitions the Montana Guard is involved with. I'm the rifle coach for the biathlon team and I shoot on the High Power and Combat teams.

I'm trying to earn my distinguished marksman badges for rifle and pistol. Rifle practice I get at NRA matches, but the only pistol matches around here seem to be "sort-of" IDPA. I've been shooting those with an issue Beretta M-9 and I've got to admit it's not my first choice. Don't get me wrong, it goes "BANG!" every time. I just don't particularly care for it. All I need is one more leg with it, and then I can start shooting whatever I choose.

With that in mind, I started doing some digging, both on the internet and in the gun safe. The internet searches brought me here, eventually. Wow, there's more info here than I can take in. The gun safe yielded various 1911's (maybe, but I sure have noticed some of them jamming at the local shoots), an old FN Highpower (possible, but I'd kind of like to move away from 9mm for a bit), Ruger P97 (nah, no DA/SA's for a while), and the last thing out of the safe was my 625. Huh. Let's ponder this for a bit. What gun is always with me? S&W model 40. What's in the truck right now? S&W 686. When I want to carry something with a little more oomph than the little J-frame what do I reach for? S&W 686 snub, more often than not.

You might notice a trend here. I never set out to be a revolver shooter, but it sure seems I've become one. Well, it'll be fun, no matter what.

Whew. Guess I got a little long winded there, but I hope you'll forgive me. This sure seems like a place to learn, so that's what I intend to do for a while. Been enjoying everything, especially the stage designs.

Maybe I'll see you on a range sometime.


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