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Stainless steel vs carbon steel nitrated


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I hope this topic belongs here..


I'm in doubt iff i should order the svi signature series grip in SS or carbon steel and have it nitraded with Tin.

Can someone tell me the pro's and con's?

For me the biggest reason to order the ssgrip is that i have strong sweat the creates rust very easy on carbon steel.

I have an svi with a nitrated grip safety that's starting to show a little rust.

According to the gundealer, it's possibele that sweat goes thru the upper layer of te Tin and the steel is starting to rust from the inside.

And is it possibele to get ss nitrated?

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IIRC, TiN is much like Ionbond and although it may hold oils, it will let moisture reach the metal. In other words, it's very scratch resistant, but not so much rust resistant. I was told the best combination would be a totally stainless gun/grip with an Infinicoat finish.

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Can anybody tell me the difference between stainless and 4140 carbon steel grip SV ,oke it will not rust but thay's not what I mean.

I mean is it better,is it stronger is it also more expensive then de carbon grip I can not see in the SV index page what the difference in prize is between them.

I hope someone can help me out with this

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