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  1. Thank you all for the replies. @ Sarge, some shooters use a 38 super die for 9 mm. They grind some of the cabide of the die away. They claim they dont have any bulges and a staighter round. I tried my production ammo by dropping them in the STI barrel, they are loaded with 147 grain bullets. @Rdinga sure i would like tio buy, but you have to ship it to he Netherlands.
  2. Hi, What are you guys/girls running on your dillon 550/650/1050? What would be better a egw undersizedie in 9 mm or a tuned dillon .38 superdie. I bought a new sti trubor in 9 mm. My ammo that i use for my CZ shadow will not fit in the sti barrel They fit perfect in the casegauge. What to order?
  3. Hi thank you all thats good news i love my shadow! I put maybe 25-30k rounds thru it so it could be broken i thought. Thanks again for your expertise. Best regards Patrick
  4. Hi, Yesterday i tried to change my front sight and i removed the pin, but i could not get the front sight out. So i left it like this without putting the pin back, shot a couple of rounds like 50 and noticed that the bushing stuck out of the slide. I this a coincidince or is my bushing broken? Does the front sightpin have anything to do with this? Best regards Patrick
  5. If you think your ballistic app misses options
  6. Thanks for all the replies, he changed to supercomp and there are no more feedingproblems. Best regards Patrick
  7. Thanks for all the help, we can proceed further! best regards Patrick
  8. Hi, I’m posting this for a shootingbuddy of mine, he bought a used Caspian open gun in .38 super comp. Build by a competent gunsmith. The set up is for .38 super comp, he changed the extractor to be able to shoot .38 super. I think he did ok and the case is pulled out every time. He keeps getting feeding jams, the round dips in the magazine. He has a jam and the round has moved a little out of the magazine and is stuck on the lower part of the feedramp. When having the magazine in hand, trying to push out the rounds with my thumb the round gets stuck sometimes. Between the feedinglips. Is this because Caspian has dedicated rimless magazines? Or are you able to shoot .38 super and super comp from the same magazine? Best regards Patrick
  9. I found the answer in another topic. next time i will try a lenght of 1.10
  10. 4.4 Vita n320 Frontier plated bullet 124 grain. lenght 1.1417 This load from a rest has terrible grouping. What should i try make the round shorter or longer? if i shorten the load i can probaly load 4.3 n320
  11. First of all, thanks for al the help! So now i'm reading the manual and this is whats going wrong "3. Place a case in the casefeed funnel.Here, the case drops to the casefeed arm bushing"
  12. I just received a mail from Eric G. he says he doesn't use the LSPAkit. He uses a single action sear, that is longer than da and makes the fist shot heavier but the singleaction better. Thats does not seem to work for me because of the increased creep with the deltahammer, i will try the LPSAkit. Thanks for all the help
  13. Ok, can you tell me what does a LSPA Complete Block do? and doesn't come standard with a new gun?
  14. Does youre friends gun still have a little creep in it? I orderd the same parts from Eric, exept the LSPA Complete Block. 2 gunsmiths told me that it is not possible to get it creepfree. O and I also orderd the Tanfoglio matchsear that is actualy an EGWsear The fist one put the parts in and the hammer fell half cock 1 in 10 triggerpulls. Then he put in the original sear and the delta hammer and the creep was very terrible. I went to another gunsmith with a very good reputation, he played around for a but and the extra parts can’t be fitted. He put in al the original parts and now I still have some creep but a lot less. Could all this be because I did not order the LSPA Complete Block?
  15. Update: I put in a 13 pound hammerspring and a 11 pound recoilspring. Installed an extreme front fiber optic sight on the stock 3 I really hate the trigger, my gunsmith told me that because of the short mainspring the double action feels different from a shadow. Ok i can live with that. But the trigger has a terrible creep. I have been to 2 gunsmiths and they told me there is nothing they can do about it. Last gunsmith improved the trigger a little but, but stil not even close to my shadow. I am not a fanboy but really unhappy with this gun I have put the gun up for sale, because i need an crisp trigger. Anyone have the same problems?
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