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  1. It looks like the firing pin spring to me Gr
  2. Ok I did load my 30 rounds mags up and left these for 2 days Also made the bolt as wet as it could be with good oil And...... No more problems with the big 30 rounds mags PF range from 128 to 148 no problems anymore and bolt locking back with all PF PF 133-135 is by far the best to shoot and yes the 115 are better to shoot then the 124 I gonna try the 145 and let all know Thanks for all the response !!!
  3. Yes they are with a tan follewer I put 30 rounds in them and put them down for a day or two and try them on friday I will let you know Thanks
  4. Thanks for the response my Sig is the new model MPX PCC with 16" barrel My load is Vitavuori N350 (slow burning powder) and I put 5 grains in there with a 124 bullit and I also loaded 115 with the same load , with the 124 was PF 146 and the 115 was 133PF All and everything is working fine in the 20 rounds magazine (I loaded to 126PF and this magazine still works with no problem at all) but not in the 30 rounds magazine that's what I do not understand I really like this load so....(115grains with 133PF is great) And also with this load the bolt does lock back (with all loads I made the bolt does lock back so I think this should be oke) I do not know how a blowback rifle shoots but I do know there 's a difference between shooting PF 133 or 146 the 133PF is much faster on targets The 30rounds magazine ONLY works fine with factory ammo ??? (factory ammo is 124 Geco and was 146PF) I quess that load the 30 round magazine up with 30rounds and let it lay down for a few days maybe that helps And yes the Sig is brand new only had 600 to 700 round true the rifle now Is it true that 145ish+ power factor still feels softer than 125-130pf stuff in a blowback gun Thanks again for response and I hope answers keep coming because when the MPX runs it runs great and would hate it to sell it Gr
  5. Hello I recently got myself a Sig MPX PCC I do reloading at 130 to 135 power factor Does sombody know why I do not get the 30rounds magazines running (I got 2) The 20 rounds magazine are no problem at all they run all day smoothly without any problems.... All magazines are the new models so 2e generation I really do not understand why the big ones are not running without any problems If I take standard 9mm factory they will run oke but why not with reloaded ammo , the 20 rounds stick runs without any problems at all I also made ammo with the same factor as factory ammo but they also do not run decent Reloaded ammo is loaded perfect one time fired brass (they run in the 20 rounds stick perfect so ???) I hope someone can help me I really like the Sig and certainly the recoil wich is making me very happy
  6. I have some more questions about the Honcho please If I order the Honcho race ready model are there magazines included if I look at the movie it looks like that they are included in the case If I order at the Honcho race shop I can order the Honcho and build it like I want but are there also magazines included Can I use a Aftec extractor in the Honcho Is the gun compleet stainless or not (slide and frame ? ) I do not understand the two colours thing..... compleet Dlc I understand but I see many pictures and movies the Honcho's uncoated are they not coated (just stainless) If I want it nitrited or so is that posible or must I order it uncoated ( uncoated stainless) and do it myself Hope some one can help me....
  7. Can somebody tell me how the slide to frame fittings are A friend off me is shooting a new DVC-O and the frame to slide fitting are top/great can I assume they are the same or are these less with the Honcho Another question is : what caliber is Chris Keen shooting the pistol seems really soft in his hands and is 9mm major also so soft shooting with the Honcho Also is it possible to make pop holes in the barrel or is it not needed
  8. Question.... Is it for real that they stop making open guns I mean the DVC-O Or is it just a rumor... I want to buy one of these but if they cancel these I am not for sure of buying one
  9. Like you said there is no list for ordering But please keep me in touch , I want one ............................
  10. Let a competent gunsmit make the frame fitted for SV or STI magazines That's the way to do it.......................
  11. Can somebody tell me about the DLC finisch that SV is offering to his guns What is it ??
  12. So nobody is shooting Remmington bullits 124gr roundnose
  13. Hello can somebody tell me something about the Remington 124gr roundnose bullits for reloading in 38super My gun is IMM Open SV I want to use these heads but can someone tell me are they accurate,power factor high/low or something else Thanks
  14. I have a question I have a IMM Open SV that I like very much. Now I want to buy a new IMM Open so I can take my older gun as a backup gun to the many matches where I go to. In my old IMM the compensator is shrinkt on the barrel is this still the same way with the new IMM's or is it threated on by the latest IMM's
  15. Can anybody tell me the difference between stainless and 4140 carbon steel grip SV ,oke it will not rust but thay's not what I mean. I mean is it better,is it stronger is it also more expensive then de carbon grip I can not see in the SV index page what the difference in prize is between them. I hope someone can help me out with this
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