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  1. ...oh, and great job at World Shoot, guys. You guys make us all proud.
  2. "Revolver shooters are the best of the best." Ditto what Pat said. I've had more fun shooting with the revo group. The time I've had at matches shot in other divisions pale in comparison to this group of fine folks. I'm one of those who have dabbled and become classified in all divisions. Sue
  3. Awesome cause + awesome match + amd a day spent with the most awesome USPSA division = THE best time anyone could ask for. Four from MI will be making the trip down.
  4. A huge thanks to Jake, Aron, Brent and everyone that was involved in putting on this year's IN Sectional: - sponsors - setup/teardown crew - stats - ROs and you too, chrono - and most important, the fellow keeping the coolers full - thank you! It was, yet again, another match to rival all others. Awesome stages to think your way through. Enjoyed shooting with Squad 18, too. DON'T MISS this one next year!!! Sue, Sarah and Steve
  5. Thanks Cliff and Lisa for taking the time to do this for others. Donation made. The Irishes
  6. 1st Open and Match Overall was TONY HOLMES! Nice shooting everyone!! Stages were great. Thanks for all the hard work on such a hot day.
  7. Her dad and I were doing the all day shoot, so we missed watching Sarah shoot the steel side match. All afternoon, ROs and other were saying things like "absolutely awesome", "simply remarkable". They were pretty awestruck. Then after seeing the results (http://www.a5match.info/attachments/article/52/Steel%20Side%20Match.pdf), I was pretty awestruck, too. The stages were fabulous as well as the whole match staff and management! Great job all!! Sue
  8. We use North Mountain products (4wheelguns.com or here in the dealer forum). Bob's the best. Tell him what you have and what you're looking for and he'll set you right up. He asked Sarah when she first tried revo how she liked the moonclip holder and she mentioned it was a little long for her, so he came up with a shorter version. He's just great to work with! Sue I should add that he also made me up a speedloader holder that works quite nicely (thanks Bob). So even if you just have some ideas in your head about what you'd like, he can come up with the solution.
  9. Looks like there are 19 revolver shooters for Area 5. One week left to find the 20th revo so that one of us earns a slot to next year's Nationals. Come on #20!!!!
  10. Had a great time at the match. Thanks to all the sponsors and match staff and organizers.
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. We've decided on a match to shoot. Looking forward to it. Enjoy your holiday weekend and stay safe. Sue
  12. Driving west to CA during the Memorial weekend. Does anyone know of any USPSA matches in these states... OK Northern TX CO WY UT NM
  13. Nice video of the May match. Always enjoy seeing video of Sarah shooting. Thanks for posting it. And...Happy B-Day Coach! Sue
  14. You're very welcome Mike, Cliff, Jerry and Pat (in no particular order ) We'd been taking with Bob Perdue about it for a few months. We all wanted to do something for our World Shoot Revo Team and this was the route to go. Hope you enjoy the shirts. Have an awesome time and bring back the gold!!! The Irish Family
  15. Hi Brian, Sorry, gonna spend time with out-of-town family for the holiday weekend before Sarah heads back to school to hit the books again. Sounds like you'll have a fun match, though. Post pics and video so those that miss it can see how it was. Happy Easter, Sue
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