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  1. I remember seeing a thread about doing this to a GP100 22 on the Ruger Forum. It includes pictures on how to make a jig to hold the hammer.
  2. Would you happen to be working on a speed loader for the GP100 .22 cal?

    1. DS-10-SPEED


      I made them a when the gun first came out, sold a few but not much demand. Now I only sell my loaders through a couple dealers and they don't want to carry the GP loaders. I do have a few @ $20.00 each, you can e-mail me at ds-10-speed@hotmail.com.


      Dave Skrzela



    2. Kustom


      Great. As soon as I can get a gun I'll email you.

  3. Thanks for the info. I forgot about the FTF and FTE with the autos.
  4. Looks good. How does your revolver do in RFOP? I'm would like to buy a .22 revolver as a trainer, and to do Steel Challenge but am afraid of being blown away by automatics.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=316160796276980&extid=FlTn9I67RaN3SgeM It's on Rich Wolfe's Facebook fan page.
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