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  1. +1 on the Qwik trimmer. Sinclair still had them in last month's catalog (they are now owned by Brownells, might check there). I have one for my .223 and my .308 loads. I simply made a holder so I can chuck it in my drill press on low speed and I can trim a lot of cases quickly. Just resize first since it works off the case shoulder. Chris
  2. +1 on the Dillon. Electronics have come a long way. Keep a check weight nearby and enjoy the benefits of modern technology. Chris
  3. Cavediver, I got tired of my plastic rod on my 550 not having enough weight to keep the primers flowing smoothly so I made my own rod out of a small threaded rod, a nylon lock nut (for the warning system) and then for weight, I drilled and tapped a .45 ACP case with no powder in it to screw on top. Looks pretty cool also. Chris
  4. I have had good luck with this one from Mr. Dial. http://www.mrdial.com/ It is not a repeatable dial like the one listed above, but you learn pretty quickly how much to go up or down to get the result you want. With my Dillon scale, I can get withing .1 - .3 grains of where I need to go very quickly and then fine tune with multiple drops. Chris
  5. Christopher

    Open Glocks..

    Turbo, I have been shooting this open class G34 with a "melted" Docter for about a year now. Slide work was done by Grams Engineering. ... Chris
  6. I use AA#7 in my 115's and 147 loads for my comped G34. Works well for me and meters flawlessly through my 550. 8.0 grains for a 115 and 6.3 for a 147. Chris
  7. Accurate Arms #7 if available, if not, HS-6 is almost identical in load data and felt recoil. Chris
  8. Tattoo, I use 115 Berry's and 8.0 grains of AA#7. It is crisp and positve for ejection, but not a wrist breaker. Chris
  9. Frye, I use the Berry's 147's in my comped G34 and I loaded 6.3 grs of AA#7 and set them at 1.140. Velocity was around 975fps. Chris
  10. Zeiss has this one on their website now. I saw an ad for it in an industry magazine. Seems like a good idea, but how do you mount it? Chris Zeiss Rangefinding Scope
  11. Keen, Here is one that a guy over at Glock Talk came up with that works awesome in MS Excel. Prints box labels also. I love it. http://members.cox.net/significent/Reloading100.zip
  12. Beven got my slide back to me via second day air on Friday, shot it today and I could not be more pleased. This is the way to go!!! You guys were right, Beven did right by me and the work he did was top notch! Chris
  13. Situational update for me: Spoke with Beven again last week and he was working hard to find me a docter sight and make good with me. He did just that this weekend and is going to cut my slide this week. The other posters were right, he is a good guy to deal with and did make good on the deal. Sounds like I just caught him at a time when he could not get to the phone. No complaints here. Chris
  14. Probably a set up similar to this one. One of the members of AR-15.com sells / manufactures / distributes a mount similar to this one. They say it is a good setup for CQB while using the ACOG for distant targets. Chris
  15. ??? Chuck, Docter Optics, manufactured in Germany, remember when the WOT started, France and Germany told the US to kiss their butt. Docter sights are imported into this country. Chris
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