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  1. Titan is clearing out their stock, but they don't have .40 listed. I have no idea if it's worth it for you to get into a different caliber and buy the additional .40 conversion or not, but here you go... https://www.titanreloading.com/dillon-precision-products/dillon-presses/dillon-xl650
  2. I'm glad I did. I ran 100 or so rounds through it today and it feels great. Also, as you would expect, the fit is perfect. It did, increase the LOP by about 3/8". Since I'm a bit on the short side, it feels a bit longer than I would like. I may look into the Magpul stock, or at the very least I will cut this one down.
  3. So much for utilizing the stock chokes. My BNIB shotgun was packed with three IC chokes. ? On the bright side, pattern testing was much faster than I expected ?
  4. That's the one! Sounds like a good idea to me, I'll give that a try this evening while I'm practicing! Thanks! ETA: This worked just fine for about 100 shells today, nothe a single problem. Thanks for the advice!
  5. Help! Last night while replacing some Springs in the trigger housing, I managed to lose the trigger pin D clip from my Stoeger m3k. I ordered replacement parts, but I have a match this weekend. Is there a reasonable temporary fix for this, or am I SOL? Okay, lose isn't quite the correct word. While disassembling the housing (inside of a gallon bag), I made a poor choice in the direction in which I removed that clip. It shot past my ear at about mach3, and is now hidden somewhere in the cobwebs and dust on my basement floor... I bent up a temporary clip from another spring, but it does not act as a detent for the pin, and I also have doubts about its ability to stay in place after more than a couple of rounds are fired.
  6. I jumped on the same deal. I'm not sure the files I have are fine enough for this, so my backup plan is automotive bodywork sandpaper glued to a 1/16" strip of aluminum.
  7. Good to know! For anyone else looking, Walnut Creek has 'em for a great price and free shipping. (I tried the usual sources whom I'd like to support, but could not find it in stock) https://www.walnutcreekoutdoors.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=LSP-10823&CartID=1
  8. Good deal. I'll keep what I've got (for now ?), and maybe look for a light modified along the way. Now, here's to hoping the gun arrives in time for me to practice at least one night before the match! (It's just a club level outlaw match, but I still want to make a good showing!) Thanks! (Great article BTW! Lots of good info there!)
  9. The title says it all! I've ordered an M3k, hopefully it'll be in hand for a match next weekend. Are the stock chokes OK, or should I source some replacements between now and then? Most of the stages are 25 yards and under, typically shooting at clays or 3" steel plates on rebar stands. Max distance for this match is likely to be 45 yards, maybe with an aerial clay or two.
  10. So, three months later... Are you still using this pad? Any problems or issues? I just placed an order for an M3k and would love to add one of these IF it's a good idea. Thanks!
  11. Thank you Walleye. I just finished one of thse cables, tested it, and it works great! I bought a 1/8 stereo plug and soldered it on to the end of the USB adapter, tucking the resister inside the plug as well. It's a nice, compact package, and it works well when paired with a 25' audio extension cable. Somehow while soldering and bending things around, the center pole was disconnected from the solder tab, even though the solder tab was still mechanically held in place. I'm not sure how that happened, but after I figured out the issue, a blob of solder fixed it right up. Ugly, yes, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do
  12. Yeah unfortunately it does. Most of my practice is indoors, so I need to find the cleanest powder I can get my hands on. I remembered that combo being better than it is. Would a slightly tighter crimp or reduced OAL help the powder burn cleaner, or am I just out of luck?
  13. Just FYI, this will happen with factory made ammo as well; it's not limited to SDB users. If you carry, check your defensive rounds if you eject them before practice and reload them after. They definately get shorter. I just got back in to reloading after a few years off. I think most of my rounds were in the +/-.002 range, but I found a couple that were +.005 or so.
  14. Hello all, It's been a while since I've done any reloading, or any shooting at all for that matter. I just fired up my press and started with some 230RN plated bullets over a spread of 4.6gr - 5.1gr Solo 1000. (2.235 OAL) Compared to some WWB 230gr RN, I seem to be getting a lot of flash and smoke; much more than I remember. Does my memory suck, or is this unusual? If it helps: The test pistols were an XD Tactical and a 1911, shot at an indoor range with decent lighting and good ventilation. The powder and primers are around 3-4 years old, but both were in well sealed containers with dessicant packs. Thank you, Jay M
  15. Cool! I was thinking your screen name looked familiar! I think 4 rounds are beyond my coordination level... I'm going to do a bunch of practicing between now and then, so we'll see. I'm also going to try and hit Trigger Time tomorrow morning (new indoor range in Buford). I've got a pair of chokes and a couple of different shells to pattern test. The match coordinator said 50'ish should be the maximum range; I have no idea how the 20ga will do at that distance. Jay
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