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  1. Sounds like steel is the majority choice on here.
  2. Thanks everyone for the info. I think I'll give them a try
  3. Does any have any experience with frontier bullets out of an open gun. How do they shoot? Do they leave alot of lead in the comp?
  4. Thank you everyone for the information. I guess I'll start looking for a steel grip.
  5. I haven't decided which way I am going but if I go aluminum I'll message you. Thanks
  6. I'm thinking of upgrading my grip from the polymer STI to a metal grip. What are some reviews on aluminum vs steel? I'm thinking steel for the weight.
  7. D2 customs in punxsutawney, pa. Great work from a great guy!!!
  8. That's a really good idea. I want one.
  9. Thank you everyone for the input, very helpful!!!
  10. Thanks, I think I'll order one today
  11. Has anyone used a Lee undersize sizing die? How do you like it? My chamber is a little tight and I was thinking of trying one.
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