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  1. Thank you everyone for the input, very helpful!!!
  2. Thanks, I think I'll order one today
  3. Has anyone used a Lee undersize sizing die? How do you like it? My chamber is a little tight and I was thinking of trying one.
  4. I've had good luck with PVD coating
  5. I've had several of my guns Pvd coated by Richter precision. Very durable
  6. Cool thanks that was helpful.
  7. Thanks I'll look into that
  8. Thinking of buying an ultrasonic cleaner for my brass. Currently using a media tumbler. Is this the way to go? What is everyone using?
  9. I've been running a ff3 on my open 9mm major gun and have not had any problems. The window is a little smaller compared to the rts2 but the main thing is to find what works for you and practice, practice, practice...
  10. Thanks for all your input!!! I guess I'll start looking in other directions for my open gun.
  11. I have always been a fan of Burris products. I'm moving into open and I've noticed that nobody runs a Burris fastfire on their open guns. Why is this? Do they not hold up? Is the window smaller than the rts2, delta point, ect.?
  12. It's a custom 2011. I wouldn't attempt major in my glocks.
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