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  1. Thanks for the info, sir! Indeed...looks like .260 ID for ISMI, so will go with the regular to use up my stash. Thanks again.
  2. I'll break out the calipers tonight, but am I correct in assuming that the Jager "Heavy" Guide Rod only works with Wolff springs and not ISMI? I thought I read that the other day, but unsure of the ISMI ID off the top of my head, so thought I would ask (the .270 OD of the guide rod is cutting it close). I did reach out to Jager...twice...but never a response. I hope they are well and still in business.
  3. PD finally put (or at least I finally caught) some "40 Cal 180gr FMJ" in stock: https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/40-cal-180gr-fmj/
  4. Don't be cheating the system, Sarge.
  5. ...also gave me an appreciation for PD; alerting the community when they push inventory live is a godsend, which built up a lot of goodwill in my book. Like MG, they don't oversell, take our money as a 6-month interest-free loan, and then slither away for months and months and months before they can deliver. I like how they roll, so decided to give them an opportunity to become my 'Sunday Bullet' and putting them on paper next week.
  6. I wouldn't go that far; some of those who have them in stock have them in stock for a reason...I myself hate 10gr+ outliers, poorly coated bullets, and bullets full of 'voids' from the resizer. I now see why some of these operations aren't backordered 20+ weeks. What I get from all these posts is that when you find a great Plan A and Plan B bullet, get in the queue early and often, because 2021 could only be marginally better than 2020 for reloading components.
  7. All their energy is spent setting up secret teams to spy on conservatives who say mean things on Twitter; they can't be bothered with postal-related matters nowadays, sir. They aren't your daddy's USPS any longer. (Then again, if you are in LA, perhaps they are....but glad you received your MGs)
  8. ...just received a shipping notice from BlueBullets; 180gr/200gr (.400) en route from May 8th order, much quicker than anticipated.
  9. Cancelled a Gallant bullet order after nearly 20 weeks...
  10. You're getting really close...received my Dec 4th order a couple of weeks ago.
  11. It's italicized for emphasis. Sorry if you feel slighted by my quip. "Maybe you should have looked..." at the posts before they were edited. Perhaps choosing some new pronouns will make you feel better about yourself and less of a d*ck around here. I can tell exactly where you are in life. I wish you well nonetheless. To the guys who gave me two good leads, thanks. Edit: Mods: You can lock this thead...off the rails as usual. I'm moving on.
  12. Nope..."Bladetech/Boss/Springer/RHT" pattern to use with the Boss hanger. I am, however, forced (thanks, USPSA) to get another holster soon to accommodate a WML, so I could select a different hole pattern at that time. I did see RHT includes a parenthetical ("will not fit Safariland USPSA kit") for the "QLS Short Pattern" option, but not on the "QLS Long Pattern." I could ask them if that patterning will work with the USPSA kit. I really don't have a plan yet, clearly. That CR Speed CBAX hanger @terrydoc recommended definitely checks the box, though, as would the USPSA kit (and get a nice discount off SL) if there's a RHT hole pattern that plays nice with it without drills and dremels.
  13. Yes, sir. My fault...should have mentioned I shoot CO, but thought the "2 1/8" from inner belt" and the RHT tactical holster gave it away.
  14. I took a serious look at the USPSA kit from Safariland (actually going on a SL ELS belt) before getting the Boss, but I think the hole pattern only worked with their QLS hole pattern or something like that...could be wrong, though, but didn't want to jump through hoops to make it work. I'll double back and take another look. However, the CR hanger is interesting and definitely checks the box. Thank you, sir...will give that a look, too.
  15. ...have a Boss hanger that works perfectly behind the hip bone; however, I am playing around with the holster about an inch or two more forward. I still maintain the 'closest part of the grip' within 2 1/8" from inner belt, but as I move it forward, the butts sticks out more into the naturally hanging forearm and pivoting it in just a touch would be absolutely perfect. I know, I know, just trying new things (I'm a product of the '70s, that's how we rolled). I thought I have seen them, but might not have been a hanger, per se. Have you see any Boss-like hangers that not only adjust for height/cant, but can pivot, also? Would be mounting a RHT tactical on it....sans WML for now, as the asinine rule change was made a week after I ordered another holster...but I digress.
  16. He jumped ahead me in the queue, too! (Full disclosure: Just ordered less than a week ago). No hard feelings, though, as they did the same for me a case of 147gr 9mm ago...shipped in less than a week. You win some and lose some, but compared to the half a year with Bayou, I consider all BB shipments a win.
  17. I have...when he hit my truck, when he knocked down the mailbox, when he threw my packages in the lawn where my dog relieves himself, etc, etc. It's become personal. https://ring.com/share/5bb1eebe-2810-468b-bde0-0882ee96c37c Wait for it...5 seconds in...boom, cracked mirror housing (then had the audacity to toss my crap in the crap without getting out of the vehicle—a real piece of work). Even the so-called 'Advocate General' dismissed this with 'we'll look into this' nonsense when elevated to D.C. In other news (to correct my thread drift), I have some 180gr .400 FMJs en route from RMR. Took 4 days to get a tracking number (good)...has been, wait for it, traveling around the country for 3x that long, but they're on their way...just making their second trip from ID to Spokane, WA. #ISupportDefundingUSPS.
  18. There comes a point when they just throw in the towel and throw the cases by the road, rather than walk them down the driveway....making Santa's naughty list come Christmas-gift-card-in-the-mailbox time.
  19. Miraculous things are happening at Bayou...just got a shipping notice that my December 7 (20 weeks ago) order shipped today, so those in the queue can gauge how much longer your wait is...and may the odds be ever in your favor.
  20. It's Midway doing the discontinuation on the 5K cases...received them for Federal, CCI, and Win...Larry retired and they are now charging roughly $100/K w/ hazmat, shipping, and 1K limits, so why sell 5K a pop, they figure.
  21. I don't think they've offered any options > 1,000 in quite awhile...would be nice to get some bulk pricing again, but not holding out for it during the current environment. PS: You're from my old stomping grounds. I was raised on Gianelli's, salt potatoes, and OV Splits way back when, sir.
  22. I think I am at 19 weeks with Bayou now...believe they were fulfilling orders from mid-November last time I checked, and I ordered the first week in December, so will give them a couple more weeks before I pull the plug and seek to be made whole/refund. Maybe I'll give them another look next year when they meet all the pent-up demand...but 5 months is absurd and I can't do business like this.
  23. Lots of "Teamlobudget" postings on the Interwebs from people who claim to be from Kingsport, TN. What a coincidence, as that's where the garage in which the website you posted casts theirs. Small world.
  24. Coated are cheaper; new reloaders were lured in with thoughts of cheaper ammo; ergo, the new kids of the block are buying lots of coated (and every single other bullet they can get their hands on). With a six-month delay on some reloading presses alone (expensive durable good), I am not surprised to find 20 week delays on cheaper, disposable reloading components as the kids scoop them up like there's no tomorrow. As the price of ammo increases to absurd levels and as shelves are cleared out within minutes from the rush of people who lined up around the corners of major retailers in hopes of scoring a box or two upon opening, naturally people are going to gravitate toward reloading...so yes, were I to do a multivariate regression analysis, I would bet 10K SPP that there is a strong correlation between the price of store-bought ammo and the influx of new reloaders and their demand, ceteris paribus. Therefore, I am going to strongly disagree with the assertion that my explanation is...inadequate.
  25. Demand is off the charts; with the spike in prices driving 'cheap' 9mm up over $800/case in some markets, I suspect many have crossed over to reloading their own ammo. Look at the lead times Dillon posted for some of their products. 6 months to get a press in some cases?!? ...and with tens of millions of new gun owners all demanding ammo and surely millions of new reloaders all needing components, well, clearly there was a shock to the market...with no end in sight yet. LEAD TIMES FOR COMMON BACKORDERED PRODUCTS Square Deal B - 24 weeks RL550C - 3 weeks XL750 - 16 weeks Super1050 - 24 weeks RL1100 - 24 weeks CP2000 - 4 weeks RT1500 Trimmer - 2 weeks Casefeeder - 2 weeks Mr. Bulletfeeder - 20 weeks Pistol Dies - 24 weeks Steel Rifle Dies - 24 weeks Carbide Rifle Dies - 24 weeks Powder Measures - 6 weeks Quick Changes - 6 weeks Conversion Kits - up to 12 weeks depending on caliber Super Swage 600 - 2 weeks
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