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    X5 Legion accuracy

    Shot from a sandbag, so not my achievement It shows that the gun itself is pretty accurate, or at least more accurate than i thought.
  2. bimmer1980

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I tried 5 Shots at 50 Meters from a sandbag with the old xfive with factory ammo at a ipsc mini target. https://www.instagram.com/p/CSOhuIdMnGu/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet
  3. It fits IPSC: Production Production Optics (with the retro slide) Standard minor
  4. There´s a big difference between hitting the close range A-zone without seeing the sights, and hitting a perfect double. The first one is done by having a good index and good technique, the second one need´s a kind of recoil control, which is able to return the gun exactly !!! to the point from where the first shot started from and a trigger pull that doesn´t move the gun a micromillimeter. Or the exact same bad triggerpull This can happen once in a while, yes.... once in a while. The chances alpha-mike to perfect double are about 1000 to 1 i guess If you are good...
  5. It´s not the trigger, it´s the draw and the transitions. In USPSA/IPSC we aim for sub 2 seconds, 7 yards, 3 targets, all A´s.
  6. This is too funny !! At 5 Yards, you can easily shoot misses. You just need to switch your focus/eyes/body a bit to early. At this distance, you can transition from one to the next target, 2 yards to the side in ~0,2 sec., which also means you can easily miss a target at this distance in this time.
  7. Hi! I´d say every timer, on wich you can adjust the sensibility. I use a DAA Shotmaxx 2.
  8. I had to start the first stage in my first ever match and it was the important IPSC long course. I was so scared and stressed, my heart was pumping like hell. All i tried to do was calling my shots. After the stage i felt like i could collapse and i really thought about driving back home. I couldn´t handle the pressure. Somehow I made 2nd on that stage with 3 seconds slower than some of the top 5 but with much more points. Made 2nd overall in Production out of 31 and could´t believe it. I was very happy. The next 5 matches i made many of the mistakes you talked about. Forgot targets, run targets over, forgot stage plans, shot silly mikes i called good, lost magazines and I even was laying on the ground, slipping out on a piece of brass (indoors). It´s such a cool sport, but it´s very hard to handle the pressure
  9. I have a normal xfive grip in large. They are really only a tiny little bit bigger. They are not any longer.
  10. No, you don´t really feel 100 grams.
  11. Hi! As some people where asking for them -> Armory Craft sells "Positive Reset Trigger Return Springs" now. I tried them. Reset is more snappy now. Pretty nice. They increase the triggerpull weight by about 100 grams. https://www.armorycraft.com/product-page/sig-sauer-p320-trigger-return-spring-10
  12. It´s the FCU to slide fit in my eyes. You can see the slide lift from the FCU while pulling the trigger. Once it gets spring tension from the magazine (with a round in it) it´s gone.
  13. Thanks for the help. It starts running now. Seems like the sodastream bottles wherend filled propperly.
  14. It´s CO2 Sodastream tanks. The coolfire trainer is brandnew. He gets 4 shots with full power, after them it´s getting very weak. He did listen for leaks. No leaks. He will try out new tanks.
  15. Sorry for bringing this old topic up, but a friend just got a coofire kit for his vp9 and he only gets 4 shots out of it. Do you guys have an idea what could cause the problem?
  16. ... and my timer can time every shot. Thats pretty cool.
  17. He became IPSC Production World Champion under the old very strikt rules, with a stock Glock 17. (heavy trigger)
  18. I have no idea about open guns. These STI DVC´s aren´t the Infinity guns Christian Sailer uses, right ?
  19. Same here. As long as your finger is long enough it doesn´t matter. Shorter reset is always nicer.
  20. The Greyguns Hybrid Kit has a "new snappy reset trigger bar spring" in it. Maybe you can talk them into selling these individually
  21. i wouldn´t want myself to train for releasing the trigger not far enough.
  22. What was that ? Finger on the trigger ?
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