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  1. @HOGRIDER I was using a Dillon size die. That picture of the funnel doesn't look bad in my opinion. Im trying to resize the photo of mine so I can post it here.
  2. Ive run the Alpha dropper for 46,000 rds of 9mm. Press is a 1050 with Mark 7 Autodrive running at 1,950RPH with a Dillon resizing die. The only thing that stopped me from running it faster was powder spillage when the indexing stopped. Out of 46k, I had less than 15 toppled bullets. Yes, I kept track to help give SSI feedback. Before this, I had the MBF die. Toppled bullets were so common I accepted it as a reloading reality and had the machine crawling at 1,500RPH. The only headstamp I noticed sticking was CBC. I HIGHLY recommend this powder dropper. Nathan has done his homework. You won’t be disappointed.
  3. Yes, but Im not sure if its officially endorsed or what the details are.
  4. Hey everyone, NC shooter here. Love long walks on the beach, Chevy's, and puppies. Im a owner of another gun forum, so don't expect any funny business from me. Love Butter
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