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  1. Thanks RePete. So, i guess aim for that 7.1gr FMJ load as the max vs the 6.2 LRN, or 7.5 CPRN? What's even more strange to me in all this is while the Alliant Data is shows that LRN as a 6.2gr max load, in the Speer loading data they show the same bullet as having a 7.2gr max. Same company, same bullet, a full grain difference between the two data sets, just has me nervous as something must be wrong. I should probably get a chrono i guess. I worked up some at 6.0 and 6.2, I might just keep going on up to 7.2 in .2 increments as you suggest and watch for whatever I can.
  2. Hello, I'm working up some 230gr XTreme plated bullets with BE-86, and I'm scratching my head on the charge weights I'm finding on Alliant's site. They show CPRN as having the highest max weight, well above LRN and even above FMJ. In fact, they've got CPRN higher than +P FMJ @230 grain. I've noticed the same thing in their data for other powders and calibers too - the charge weights for the CPRN seem very high across the board. Per Speer's site the CPRN seems to be a garden-variety. .451 plated bullet vs their TMJ bullet which they say say should be loaded like an FMJ due to the much thicker plating. Any insights into why the CPRN data are so loaded so heavy? I asked Alliant but of course all they can say is that their data is specfic to that exact Speer bullet, so I guess the question is whether there's something unusual about the Speer plated bullets that leads to less pressure at an equivalent charge weight than other plated bullets:
  3. That's a heck of an offer - I'll DM you. After spending way too much time and energy thinking over this grip thing, I think just might put my tax return to work for me and order both. Something about the internet, it's amazing how much time a guy can waste agonizing over little decisions like this lol
  4. This is interesting, you're saying in your case you found the lemon graters grippier than the bogies? I really want 'em but I'm finding such conflicting info, and for $85 I don't want to make the wrong choice. I shouldn't put so much stock in the looks of course, but those cz aluminum in titanium really have my number!
  5. I really like the looks of the aluminum but worry about how grippy they are too. Guys that have run them and left them for Loks, are they actually slippery, or just not as hand-velroey as the bogies?
  6. BHogan

    SP-01 FTF Out of the Box

    Thanks Steve-O. I realized the prices are pretty good, I'll probably just get 13-15 so I can experiment with different springs and loads.
  7. BHogan

    SP-01 FTF Out of the Box

    Thanks Stuart. Is the reason it's happening with a full mag likely because of the extra mass the mag spring is working against slowing it down? That seems to make sense. I'll get that ordered tonight. +5%? Also, what would you recommend on the recoil spring for most factory ammo, like 14#? I'm running a 13# hammer spring.
  8. BHogan

    SP-01 FTF Out of the Box

    Well, I've run few hundred more rounds though it and what I'm finding is that it's both mags, and only at the top of the mag, like in the first 4-5 rounds, and basically every time now.. Seems to happen most often around round 2 or 3 that makes any sense. It's getting stuck right at the base of the feed ramp and to clear it I have to drop the mag and the round usually hit falls through down the well. These are 18 round mags, and I'm wondering if they're binding up when full. Is it possible they just need to loosen up? Would storing them full help at all?
  9. Here's the final, if I go any less than this there's still bell. Thanks for all the help everyone, I may be back with more questions! (HPJ thanks for the heads up on other things to watch for).
  10. Well, now I'm just blowing off work, this is way more fun. Is this about right or still too much?
  11. Thanks for the info sigarms, I'll definitely check it out. I went through and sorted 1000 rounds myself, in the end there were like 8 WCCs and just a few other crimped cases, so to make it simple I just took them out of the mix. Had a chance to pull a few. Obviously the three on the left are over crimped, but what a out the one on the right. Should I be trying to have zero scoring of the bullet or will there always be some? Again these are x-treme standard plated.
  12. Good catch...I did mean .1!
  13. Thanks for the additional input guys, I really do appreciate the help as I get started. Ran a few tonight as a maiden voyage, plated 124 Xtreme round nose over Vihtavuori's recommended starting load of 3n37, 5.4gn. A couple things I learned (like just how bad that ski jump really is, and why there's so many things on the market to smooth out the shell plate indexing, WTH!). A couple new questions too: 1) how much variability should I be seeing in the powder throws, is like .1 (full tenth) pretty normal? 2). Is this too much crimp? I'm trying to just take out the bell like I've read but it seems so go from bell to taper all at once. (Edited to put my decimal in the right place)
  14. I'll update and let you all know how I make out, have a box from Powder Valley coming tonight, hope to get started Saturday. Thanks again for all the help!
  15. Bummer, I went through and sorted the first 500, and definitely saw most, if not all, of those headstamps in there at least once. Thanks everyone for all the great input. I'm tempted to just order new brass and not deal with it, or maybe I'll give it a go nice and slow and see. One good thing, I'm 52 years old with two young kids...when I get quiet time I'm in no rush to be done with whatever I'm doing!
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