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  1. I just picked up a Staccato C but noticed mine has a black barrel, I have seen them with a dull silver color also what’s the deal with that? Also my only gripe is the mag release is kind of small, will the Staccato C accept a aftermarket extended mag release? Thanks
  2. Is there a release date or price for the 92X Open Gun?
  3. I would take a look at the Tanfoglio Limited or CZ Tactical Sport Orange. Tanfoglio Limited trigger isn’t that great out of the box unless you get the Extreme which is more money. A regular Limited Custom with a trigger job would still be cheaper than a CZ TSO if budget is a concern.
  4. I have one and it won’t run factory ammo that well (nose dives). Bought a MBX magazine and it over inserts badly and still nose dives, bought a Dawson Posi Lock mag release and now the MBX mag doesn’t over insert but still nose dives, but now the mag doesn’t drop free most of the time. My factory trigger sucks really heavy, the frame looks like someone made it with a hammer. If you buy one you will most likely need to send it to a gunsmith to get the bugs worked out of it. I have a Tanfoglio Elite Limited .40 it eats anything I put in it, I have been using it because I got tired of messing with the RIA. I need to send my RIA to a gunsmith but haven’t done it yet.
  5. Thanks Patriot for being on here and involved, I will be contacting you soon for work on my Limited Custom.
  6. I know it’s a different platform but I have been shooting it out of my Tanfoglio Limited Custom with no issues.
  7. I see the PD is heavier than factory and the Henning is very light, which camps idea is the best?
  8. Why stick with the Henning over the other?
  9. Just got back from the range with my Limited Custom .40 using Federal Syntech ammo and was having some light primer strikes with my new Henning Firing Pin. Everything is factory besides the FP, I put the factory FP back in and no more light strikes. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Thanks guys that’s what I wanted to hear.
  11. Has anyone dealt with Patriot Defense as far as work goes? I was going to send my Limited Custom to Henning for trigger work but Iam within driving distance of Patriot Defense. Instead of dealing with shipping I was thinking of taking the gun to Patriot instead.
  12. Does anyone have Eric’s Brass grips panels and if so how do you like them? I want to order a set for my Limited Custom but want to get some feedback first.
  13. Also what about the MBX mags? I have one for my RIA double stack and Iam not impressed with it.
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