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  1. TSO use M4x0.7mm (pitch) x8 (8mm long) flat head screw for thumb rest and M3.5x0.7x8 for grips. Use M4x0.7x14 for thumb rest on top of multi side mount together.
  2. I respect your medical experiences. I wouldn’t have any issue if you didn’t mention placebo effect. Again, by definition, placebo effects means there is a beneficial effect. I also don’t think you can use a pair of socks that offers no compression as a placebo as anyone who wears it can tell it’s not a real one.
  3. I am just saying if compression socks are having beneficial effects on you then you can’t prove it’s due to placebo effects.
  4. Well, by definition, placebo effect means it does provide beneficial effects but not attributed to the properties of the placebo itself (drugs, socks, procedures) and must therefore be due to the patient’s belief in that treatment. Now, placebo effect experiments can be done in drugs with actually no medical content but the patient doesn’t know it has no content. It can’t be done with compression socks. That’s why I said to say it is due to placebo effect you’d have to think that you are wearing them when you are actually not, which can’t be done.
  5. With due respect, how do you know it’s placebo effect, thinking you are wearing it but you are actually not?
  6. As far as USP trigger goes, Elite and Expert better than Tactical which is better than Standard. So if you don’t love the standard USP, there is a chance you may love your Elite.
  7. I did a little bit of study and found that compression sleeves/socks actually help blood circulation.
  8. What about TSO .40S&W? Do they use the same spring weight as 9mm?
  9. @dave33, thanks for the reply. Since you actually have an Expert and have years of competition experiences, may I ask why you’ve not used it in competition? FYI, I’ve just ordered one but haven’t gotten it yet. It won’t hurt my feeling even if it’s not suited for competition in comparison to other choices.
  10. Sorry to resurrect an old thread. I’ve been looking to get an USP Expert. In HK’s description it says USP Expert was developed especially for target shooters. I wonder how many people actually use it in competitions?
  11. I can’t find that 2nd rear sight with fiber on it on the ipsc site. Where is it? Thanks in advance.
  12. EZout comes only in 4 or 5 sizes and even the smallest one is not small enough for some small screws like those on rear sights.
  13. As above, I have the same experience that larger dots turned out much better for me. I have used 2moa and 3.5moa dots and they all have tails but when I use RM05 9moa and RM07 6.5moa they are just round without tails. The triangle 7.5moa dot on Deltapoint Pro works for me pretty good too.
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