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  1. Greengun

    TSO rear sight replacement

    I can’t find that 2nd rear sight with fiber on it on the ipsc site. Where is it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Greengun

    Advice needed on tripped hex screw

    EZout comes only in 4 or 5 sizes and even the smallest one is not small enough for some small screws like those on rear sights.
  3. Greengun

    Trijicon RMR 1moa for astygmatism?

    As above, I have the same experience that larger dots turned out much better for me. I have used 2moa and 3.5moa dots and they all have tails but when I use RM05 9moa and RM07 6.5moa they are just round without tails. The triangle 7.5moa dot on Deltapoint Pro works for me pretty good too.
  4. Greengun

    Red Dot Optics - Astigmatism & Parallax

    One key issue OP trying to address is astigmatism. When that’s the issue, sadly, it doesn’t matter how clear or crisp the glass is. I have 5 different red dots and for me I can say that smaller dots tend to have tails than bigger dots. And triangle dots work better than round dots.
  5. Greengun

    Red Dot Optics - Astigmatism & Parallax

    Astigmatism or not, I believe not many red dot sight are truly parallax free. Holographic sights such as EOTech should produce less (but not none) aberration than red dots. Prismatic optics with with an adjustable ocular diopter would be the best solution for astigmatism distortion but it’s not a both eyes open system. Based on all the feedback I’ve seen from people with astigmatism, individual results vary differently so when one sees better on a particular red dot it doesn’t mean the experience would be same for you unfortunately.
  6. Greengun

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Oh, do you get reliable slide lock on last round?
  7. Greengun

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Thanks for the reply. Has anyone tried the CZC base pad with factory follower? I’ll give it try to see how many rounds it adds.
  8. Greengun

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Understood but was just trying to find a best combination. I have the magazines and am trying to figure out what to buy to get +3 round with reliable last round lock back.
  9. Greengun

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    I am curious what’s causing the slide not to lock back on last round. Should we keep using the stock mag follower? (CZC base pad and Grams spring with oem follower)
  10. Greengun

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Wouldn’t Grams 13 coil offer more spring power, which is a good thing for extended magazines, than 11 coil?
  11. Greengun

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    To get 17+3 .40 with Grams spring should we use 11 or 13 coil? The following website information is not clear to me. 11 coil - 145mm long 13 coil - 146mm - 171mm
  12. Greengun

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Muncie, do you use Grames mag spring? 11 or 13 coils?
  13. Greengun

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    To get 17 +3 rounds .40 in TSO, what exactly do I order? Is it the following? 1. CZC 140mm base pad SKU 10072(silver) and 10090(black) 2. Grams Spring/Follower Kit CZ Tactical Sport / Czechmate 13 Coils (not 11 coils). With the above combination, would I still get slide locked back on last round? Would it fit stock TSO magwell without any mod? I can't seem to find a store where I can order both together. Do you know any? And, ditto all the same questions for 9mm to get 20 +3 or 4 rounds, Do I order the exact same things above (do they work on both 9mm and .40 mags)? Thanks in advance.
  14. Greengun

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    If you are asking about the frame mount holes, TSO and CM have the same location and 14.6mm hole spacing but Tanfoglio has 10mm spacing and is further forward towards dustcover.
  15. Greengun


    I’ve found it useful to practice with airsoft pistols. It also saves a lot of ammo cost, range fees, and you can do it comfortably anytime at home. There are many air pistols that mimics the real ones in terms of weight and dimensions. The trigger is no comparison but you’d still need the same trigger discipline to shoot good. I also mount my regular red dot on the air pistol. It helps you to find the dot as you practice your draw. Although there is no recoil, but recoil happens all after you pull the trigger. So you get to practice at least for your first shot. Now I have switched to use a Laserlyte LT-Pre which is a bore laser inserted into your real pistol. You can dry fire to your hearts content, especially with a DA pistol, and see where the dot goes when you pull the trigger. The laser also works with iTarget system App runs on a smartphone. Not only you see where your shots are but also tracks the time on your draws.