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  1. I like that you're sticking with the vague mary jane references. It seems to fit this pistol.
  2. Makes way way way way too much sense. The interwebs are an inefficient place.
  3. Spent part of my childhood in Germany so this has nostalgic appeal to me.
  4. This is great advice. Take this over my advice. It's what we usually tell people at their first match. It's the best way to have fun and get used to all of the safety rules, procedures etc.
  5. Would definitely shoot 5 to 10 matches in production. Be careful, it's a slippery slope to get into the gear. If you upgrade to a new gun make sure you factor in all the mags and holsters you're going to need. I would shoot as many varieties of competitions as you can. Steel Challenge, USPSA, 3 Gun, Run&Gun, IDPA, etc. If you end up liking one better than USPSA it might be wise to target your upgrades around that flavor of competition. e.g. In 3 Gun a 9mm 2011 is a fantastic pistol, however, in USPSA that pistol is (without specific reloads) a minor power factor and a disadvantage. In USPSA, in my opinion, going from Production to Carry Optics is one of the best division jumps starting off. It's less expensive to be competitive in CO than in Limited or Open and you get to blaze away with a red dot. If you decide you love the red dot and want to get into even nicer guns, there is Open. If you hate the red dot but want to get into nicer guns, there is Limited. If you hate blazing down targets and want to reload all the time like in Production, but with nicer guns, there is Limited10, Single Stack, and Revolver. If you want to just hose all the time, there is PCC.
  6. They are starting to get more popular, so I think there needs to be a nickname for the Rock Island 2011 9mm double stacks that have had the Hayes custom work done on them. My humble submissions: Island Hayes (vague dead head vibe) Heeeeeyyyyssss Hayes Tac Ultra Clearly, I'm not in marketing. That's why I'm asking for help. NOTE: First funny guy to comment something super original like: Paperweight Scrap Metal Junk Gets two (2) internet demerits.
  7. I have nothing of value to add to this discussion. I have also been looking into this to try to decide on going the Island Hayes (Is the a clever name for these yet?) route or the used 2011 route.
  8. Not an expert by any means. I've looked into this a lot because I have the same problem. My solution is a little different. While I'm working on seeing my sights better and calling my shots, I use ranging and pacing heavily to get by. What I mean by that is: If there are targets, say 2ft away, I don't really need to call my shots or even see my sights, I can point and shoot. Until around 20ft I can take one sight picture and put two shots in the A zone. I don't feel the need to try to call my shots until I get outside of that range where I can comfortably point and shoot, so I don't bother. Am I crazy? Maybe I don't just don't believe that my eyes will ever catch up with the splits I want to shoot.
  9. I really like the separation of "training" and "practice." I fell short of my goals as a professional athlete because I didn't train on my off hours. The consistent thing I see with professional athletes/musicians/anything is the love and/or dedication to training on their own. When everyone else is going on dates or partying or sleeping they are doing skill development.
  10. I just started looking for a Turkish Clone Delight. Care to share where you are finding these deals?
  11. I was just looking around on the TONI website and they call magwells, "Miniskirts" gave me a good chuckle*. Really interested in the frameweights for when I get my G35 running again. *only if you let google translate the Italian site instead of just using their US site like an idiot like I did.
  12. I'm in the same boat, I have a nice limited set up with an overwatch trigger and a Ghost evo elite connector, but the rolling break kinda bugs me. Everything I've heard is that Jonny Glocks is the way to go, I just don't want to/ still have that kinda cash to drop on a glock trigger. Does the Zev V4 have a more crisp break?
  13. I use https://gun.deals/ not gundeals.com They usually have great deals on ammo, both the bulk reman stuff and the high end stuff.
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