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  1. I called. I sent an email. I used the firm on their website. No response. Anyone buy one? Any thoughts?
  2. If anyone knows of a good deal I'd like to hear about it as well. Thanks, Pete
  3. Not asking about any illegal matches. Asking if there are any classes that allow braced pistols. Is this site USPSA only? Looking for someplace to legally shoot a fun firearm with like minded people.
  4. Ok, Until I pull the trigger on a pcc, or need advice on the purchase, I wont pester you with any more questions after this one. Is there a competition class for me and my braced MPX? It's just so much fun, and the long barreled PCCs just dont compare for me. I've shot a few. Dont want to get a tax stamp. The thought offends me for some reason. Thanks, Pete
  5. Anyone know if this has been changed? Want to try with what I've got before investing in a new shooting sport. Thanks, Peter
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