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  1. PM9! I have aPM9 , Range Offer and a Rock island. PM9 is the best built best shooting pistol of the three by a long shot. Magwell, front sight and trigger job is all it needs.
  2. They are the same.(metalform) Follower, spacer and spring are identical. I have both but prefer the Dawson over the Brownells. I don't like the coating on the Brownells. I am using them in a Range Officer, a RIA, and a Dan Wesson Pointman. Tripps don't work for me, they nose dive.
  3. The RIA 9mm is a good base gun. I went with a thinner .090 Dawson front fiber and put a Dawson ICE magwell on it. I got mine from Grabagun as well.
  4. I have both but prefer the ICE magwell. No Gap insert and No Gap basepads do require a little "break in" time to get them to work for me.
  5. .180 x.090 and Dawson ICE Magwell. I put Koenig hammer and Egw sear and disco in mine. I am using metalform mags. Just wish it had front serrations on slide.
  6. I am running exclusively MBX mags in my two 40 limited CK frame guns, and I am very happy with them. They are on there second set of springs. I down load and clean them if they hit the ground during a match. Sometimes if they hit the ground a round can slip past the MBX follower reducing the amount of rounds that can be stuffed in them. They still work with a round under the follower. The key is to make sure you download and clean them if they hit the ground. They all fit 21 rds in the magazine, 20 rounds reloadable. Can start with 22 in the gun.
  7. I had a RIA barrel break near the link and they fixed it. You can't beat that kind of customer service. Good luck. I am glad they took care of you.
  8. Volusia is the best match in that area, whether it is Space Coast or Manny and Gorka's matches. They do a lot of weekday matches as well. Great place to shoot with great people.
  9. I have two shuemann barrels that are NOT AET! They shoot better than I do. I primarily use coated bullets and they are both extremely accurate.
  10. I am happy with Double Tap. It required fitting.
  11. Shot a SS .45 in a previous life a lot and loved it. Swore by it. Got my hands on a old series one Kimber Stainless Gold Match in .40. I run Wilson 47D .45 mags in mine. Ran it for a long time until I jumped to Limited. Still one of my favorite guns to shoot. Gun seems to run much faster and sharper to me than the .45. I don't think you will be disappointed if you choose to go that route. 1911s either run or they don't, if they are put together correct they will shoot.
  12. Yes. I just ordered new MBX springs anyway. They work great except for that round slipping past the follower. It makes me clean every time I drop one, so I think they did this on purpose so I don't shoot a mag full of dirt and grass. Thanks MBX for forcing me to be best prepared!
  13. I have a Double Tap Ambi with a shield and I like it a lot. It did require some trimming to get it to not dig into my knuckle but I have to do that with any Ambi Safety.
  14. Schuemann Hybrid barrel(if you can find one) for a sighttracker set up. Both mine are on Caspian slides and CK frames. EGW parts. I like the Doug Koenig hammer and the Double Tap Ambi Safety. I am running Extreme Shooters plastic Grips also and MBX mags. Good luck with your build.
  15. This is what you should do. Get an Edge and start shooting. Try out as many guns as you can and decide wht you HAVE to have in a limited gun. That way you have a backup and start shooting now.
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