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  1. Have a bunch of 200 gr coated bullets and Titegroup and N320. Anybody have recommendations on where to start for a minor load? Thanks.
  2. Just got mine today. Gun looks great except for beaver tail grip safety which was not blended at all and of course the trigger sucks. Checkering looks great on front strap, not real sure about the checkering at the memory groove on the grip safety. Feels weird. Front and rear serrations look good and I am pleased with the sights. Gun is typically way over sprung in both the recoil spring and mainspring. I dont have a way to test actual weight if either spring but it is a lot more than anything I own. Shot 400 rds of assorted factory and reloads. Gun ran great with both hollow points an
  3. You talked me into it. Just ordered one. Will let you know what I think when I get it.
  4. Wilson 47d .45 mags work excellent with .40 in my Series 1 Kimber Stainless Gold Match. It is all I have used and zero problems with factory length ammo. I don't have to load long at all.
  5. 100% agree. Get a PM9 or a SA Range Officer (I shoot a PM9, and used to shoot a Range officer-I am gonna sell my Range Officer to get another PM9) i use metalform mags with Dawson ICE No gap Mag well.
  6. DAA belt and 6 DAA single stack pouches and BLACK SCORPION holster w\heavy duty competition hanger.
  7. This is what I did to my PM-9 Dawson front sight, I run a .090 x .140 Dawson ICE NoGap Magwell DoubleTap Shielded Safety (one sided - not ambi) Koenig Hammer, EGW sear and disco
  8. My Dan Wesson PM9, SA Range Officer and a Rock Island all run perfect with metal form mags. I much prefer the Dan Wesson. I am shooting 147s.
  9. I am right handed and prefer a single sided safety also. I am shooting a Double Tap single sided safety and i am real happy with it. Plenty of meat on it to smooth out and it has a shield which is a must for me.
  10. I just got a Black Scorpion holster and Black Scorpion metal hanger and I love it. They are very inexpensive compared to other holster/hangers. I have it on a DAA belt (by far the stiffest) and I run DAA mag pouches.
  11. I currently shoot a PM9 Dan Wesson. After shooting it, I wouldn't even consider another manufacturer. Awesome piece of gear. Mine runs like a sewing machine. Definitely my favorite gun to shoot. I was hesitant because I don't prefer stainless guns either. Once you shoot one, you won't care what color it is.
  12. Lula loader or push round forward and pry the nose up. Once you get a couple out it gets easier. also, if your springs are new, it is really a pain in the ass.
  13. I run the double tap shielded safety on my limited gun and a single sided double tap on my 1911. I like them a lot.
  14. I have a double tap ambi safety on my limited gun and just put a double tap left side only on my DW pm9. Both are all steel, I prefer the one sided one over the ambi. I like the right side of the gun to be clean.
  15. My PM9 doesn;t have a hole through the full length guide rod. Just assemble completely with the spring in last and use a bushing wrench. Spin the guide rod plug as you finish pressing it in and it will go in just fine. I had the same problem you did. Full length guide rod is the way to go.
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