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  1. ktm400

    Custom 75BD Compact

    I just received my Pro Tek I which is CzC's customized version of this gun - PCR. I Absolutely love this gun and it's now my EDC gun but it's also a fantastic shooter almost as good as my Accu Shadow.
  2. You need a new hat - I will bring one to Rev Nationals next year for you!
  3. 100's - "Small Pistol Primer" - not the magnums
  4. Doug, You have convinced me to flex hone my cylinders AND to move away from Federal Brass
  5. UPDATE: Received 929 back from S&W with firing pin bushing replaced. I reinstalled all the APEX parts and shot a sectional match - maybe 250 rounds. No signs of primer issues (no black around edge of primer). HOWEVER, the erosion has already started to show. FRUSTRATING! Going back to my 627 for a while.
  6. Pat, Thanks for your input but there are lots of guys using a similar load (Heavy bullet/fast powder) - MWP for one. The other difference is that I'm using a .357 diameter bullet but I'm not sure that matters
  7. Gregg, That's an interesting theory and I may flex hone my cylinder when I get it back from S&W. I have about 2k Starline 9 mm brass and would love to use it. My sticking issues where solved after switching from Starline and to Federal brass but perhaps I discovered another problem. Probably should have flex honed from the get go.
  8. I will be on vacation in Gulf Shores, AL soon and want to do a USPSA or even an IDPA match in the area. Any suggestions?
  9. A 4" gun could also be used in IDPA
  10. Primers not pierced but blackened around perimeter of primer
  11. Prego - I reedited to add photo
  12. I have severe erosion of the firing pin bushing - see attached. I'm sending it back to S&W later this week for repair. I have approx. 5,000 rounds through this gun. Any feedback as to what causes this and how to prevent this would be appreciated. Load: Federal 9 mm brass, Fed Primer, 3.4 gr N320, 147 gr BLUE (.357) bullet > PF = 133 ACTION: APEX @ 4.5#, competition firing pin - not that it matters but also APEX install front and rear sights.
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