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  1. lgh

    Dodged the (Stuck) Bullet Anecdote

    I don't think anyone would tell a gamer to shoot out a squib. Let's hope not! Let's also hope there isn't a gamer who would do it even if they were told it's OK. Especially with a Glock where you can field strip it in, like, 2 seconds max and then just pound the squib out.
  2. lgh

    Dodged the (Stuck) Bullet Anecdote

    Repete - For LEO, it's a risk benefit issue if they are in a fire fight. An extreme malfunction clearance drill you don't practice at the range.
  3. lgh

    Dodged the (Stuck) Bullet Anecdote

    Me too. Got it waaaay back when, probably around the turn of the century. You definetly know it's hot ammo.
  4. Like the guys who sell the spring kits
  5. Standard fix for a Glock is go back to OEM and maybe change one thing at a time. Or don't change anything.
  6. lgh

    Spring rate for Glock 17

    Me too. No function problems with PF 130
  7. Do you mean there was a failure to ignite? Single headstamp? Gazillion reloads through the brass? Carefully examine the case. The answer might be there.
  8. lgh

    Don't be prideful about glasses

    Thanks for sharing this. I have a lot of eye problems, some congenital and some acquired. At academic eye centers, the eye doctors would always call in the med students. "Hey, you may never see this again." I should have charged them for my time! I ended up with, like, four or five sets of glasses depending on what I'm doing. For shooting, I have a set for irons and another for RDS, each set up with a single prescription. Irons are really tough w progressives because of the need to change focal planes by tilting the head. Having a dedicated set for irons didn't really help much since something is always fuzzy, either the target or the front sight. A bit of a lost cause, at least for me. No problem with RDS prescription set up for more distant shooting because the focal plane is the same for target and dot. Tough tying my shoes but shooting is OK.IIRC, others have also tried dedicated single prescriptions. Anyway, thanks and let us know how things go.
  9. lgh

    Barrel Fitment

    What kind of rifling? Some prefer std vs hexagonal to reduce leading issues and a value barrel would be good for that.
  10. I agree but this is not about point shooting. My background is in defensive shooting, not games. "Always shoot with a sight picture." But when I took training with the serious guys I learned that, in the real world, you will be fixated on the threat at combat distances. That is what actually happens when someone is trying to kill you and most people will not be the exception. It's not point shooting. The gun comes up just like sighted shooting but your focus does not change to the front sight. You get a flash picture when the front sight shows up. You train so the gun automatically goes to where your eyes are and everything is lined up. Lots of training because you will default to your level of training when TSHTF. . In that sense, you can train for games and combat the same way. People on BE are, generally, very experienced and I suspect have honed this skill. Anyway, it's fun to check it out.
  11. Gonna have to get me one of those! They're not expensive, are they?
  12. lgh

    Barrel Fitment

    Tighter can be better. People frequently pay a lot of money to get a tight fitting barrel. If everything locks up and functions OK, should be GTG. And wearing out a slide should be a badge of honor.
  13. I agree. I have seen some very good shooters routinely make hits without sights. A 2 time national champion (service rifle) I know taped up his handgun sights to make the point. After enough practice, the sights go where your eyes go. I can do OK at defensive shooting distances but still not sure if I could double steel at 25 yds. without sights!
  14. 1. Tighten up the shell plate to the point there is virtually no wobble but the arm is till able to move completely up by itself (hope that makes sense). 2. Run a single headstamp batch to see if that is the problem. If you can, make sure the cases all have the same number of reloads through them. 3. If it happens again, mark the shell plate station where it happened and carefully examine it to see if it is out of spec in some way. The brass might be rotating slightly if the plate is worn or loose. 4. Are the primer pockets too big? That happens if you reload the brass a gazillion times.
  15. lgh


    You have to use what runs best in your barrel, not theirs. If you have excellent results with your load, then you have an excellent load, including OAL.