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  1. Mine is well over 15 y.o. and runs fine. Get some calibration weights from Brownells and see if it is still accurate. Might save you some bucks and it's always a good idea to check the calibration anyway.
  2. I've taken about a dozen PD courses from very, very good instructors from around the country. What you are proposing doesn't happen in the real world. What does happen in the real world is one's glasses can get knocked off, can't find them, etc. That 6MOA dot will then be impossible to find.
  3. I don't know. Seems pretty relevant to me. It is useful to know that, given the CO craze, some don't find it all that useful for EDC. Just shoot irons at defense distances after using your CO game gun for a while and see if it matters. Look at it this way, it might save someone a lot of money if they don't need to buy a RDS.
  4. Back when we were running IDPA club matches, we talked some bullseye guys into shooting action. Funnier than heck! They waited forever, got nervous about the clock,, and then pulled the shot on 8"steel at 7 yds. (I'm not advocating steel at 7 yds.)
  5. Get the spare parts kit and replace parts as you use them. Do develop a routine for starting and finishing a reloading session. It doesn't take very long. Check that dies and shell plate are tight, fail safe rod is tight enough, primer assembly is tight, etc. Check the powder drop to be sure it's throwing correctly before you start loading. I also check COL on the first few round out. I air spray the unit when done. If you use a shop vac, don't suck the position tabs out. If there's a problem, the solution is usually to clean, lube, and tune. Or just ask here. I don't think there are many Dillon problems that haven't been solved on this forum. I keep stats on my bullets and brass when I get a new batch. I find it helps for troubleshooting.
  6. lgh

    22LR Conversions?

    I have a TacSol on top of a Gen 2. Long break in but now runs well on MiniMags. I download the mag by 1because sometimes the first round will nose dive into the feed ramp even when I check its position. Overall, I'm happy with it.
  7. Not uncommon for 22 semiautos to cylce HV but not SV. SV may not have enough ooomph! to overcome the recoil and hammer springs. You can change springs if the SV is more accurate and that's what you want.
  8. This. Many 22 autos can be hard to rack with the hammer down. Lube might help but the real solution is to get a slide racker. Tandemkross has them and a whole bunch of other cool stuff for the Buckmark. I have an older Buckmark on which the Tandemkross racker will not fit but I have one on a S&W Victory and it is real nice. (The TK trigger for the Victory is also very nice.) https://www.tandemkross.com/halo-Charging-Ring-for-the-Browning-Buck-Mark_p_200.html
  9. Maybe this stuff matters for bench rest shooters but not really for gamer-type high volume loads. The cumulative reloading experience here at BE is probably way over 500k/year and most if not all do not get too worked up about a little dirt here and there. Any loss in accuracy is likely shooter related and not dirt related. The only problem I've had with media in brass is when I deprimed 5.56 brass before cleaning and media got stuck in the flash hole. PITA.
  10. I don't understand your post. Did your DPP bite the dust after 15000 rounds? Did you talk with the manufacturer? Probably a good resource. What did they say?
  11. If it runs, leave it. The most problems I've seen with 1911's is magazines and when people (friends) mess with what's working. "The enemy of good is better."
  12. I used to shoot 45 1911 SS all the time. Switched to Glocks for a while but now am getting out the 45 SS again. A nice feature of the 1911 SS is you can put a 22 top end on it for added fun. Works great for rimfire Steel Challenge.
  13. Me too. I just run the brass through walnut and then corn cob media with car polish. Nice and shiny. Never clean primer pockets. Occasional backward primer or other minor glitch that is easy to detect. Blow out the 650 after each session. Been doing it that way for 100k + rounds.
  14. My Victory seems to process just about anything. For those interested, here's manufacturers' velocity on a bunch of 22 ammo. It's important to me because I shoot in Wisconsin. When the temp drops, lower velocity ammo may not cycle. FED ATUO MATCH, 40GR 1200 MINI-MAG, 40GR 1235 FED BULK, 36GR 1260 REM GOLD, 36GR 1280 WIN SUPER X 1300
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