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  1. Mike - Great post for those of us who shoot one-eyed for one reason or another.
  2. It's been discussed before and you can probably find it with a search.
  3. I understand what you are saying and I didn't see any advantage for me. But if it works for some, it works for them. The Weaver Stance used to be dogma too.
  4. Well, it could be any of a number of things. Traditionally, it would be called a combination of flinch and trigger jerk. Some, myself included, found that the shooting left with a Glock (RH shooter) could be corrected by putting more finger on the trigger. Pat Mac has a great video on this.
  5. Yeah, give it a try. I played with it for a while a few years ago. It was different than my traditional grip but neither better nor worse. To answer that I would have had to spend a lot of time learning the new grip. I couldn't see dong that for something that may not be any better. If it wasn't better, I would have to go back to re-learning my original, traditional grip. Who has that time? Grauffel talks about his grip on, I believe, Firearms Nation. He learned it from his dad/coach when he first got started.
  6. Good place to start but in some scenarios you may not be able/allowed to choose your stance. ex. barricades. We had a stage in 3 gun where you had to shoot cross body weak hand. In some IDPA stages you might have to carry/drag an innocent away from the gun fight. or shoot from a kneeling position. So mix it up once you start getting better at it. It's a good thing that practice is fun.
  7. I asked the same of a national level shooter years ago. Shoot a lot of weak hand. Experiment to see what works. Don't forget about sight alignment. And if the gun wobbles too much, back off a bit on grip pressure. Finger placement might be less than ideal as well.
  8. Agree. At least it does for me.
  9. Grip plus trigger pull. Screw up either/both of these two things and you're hosed.
  10. I'm not sure if that is the equivalent of the F.A.T.S system used by LE. Those are video-based systems in which the officer has to react to the various scenarios with real time feedback. The guns are G17's fitted with lasers that interact with the screen. Decades ago, the local police dpt invited me down to train on theirs. Very instructive. They can modify any given scenario so it is different each time. Very easy to make tactical mistakes. You wanna get some respect for what LEO go through, this will do it.
  11. They responded. Any 10/22 compatible parts should fit.
  12. They are for my brother. He pays what I paid.
  13. Hmmmm. I wonder if it accepts Kidd internals? I'll contact them to see.
  14. If you prep the trigger while going fast, sooner or later you will have a ND. Virtually guaranteed. Been there, done that, stopped doing it. It might just look like a bad shot to someone watching but you will know it's a ND. Then you have to "unlearn" the trigger prep. IIRC, in his book Brian describes getting his gun horizontal and on target in the last 8" or so of his draw stroke. He then transitions his finger to trigger. Safety Rule #3.
  15. Pin shoots are always fun. They are even fun to watch.
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