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  1. I have had similar problems with some mounts and RDS and found that it might be the blue liquid loctite. It appears to run off small screws and bolts. My son recommended the two part wax-like sticks. One is a catalyst and the other the adhesive part. It seems to work much better.
  2. Nicest looking base pads I've ever seen.
  3. I also got one a couple of weeks ago, sans your magwell and golf ball grips. Very, very nice gun. Nearly on par with my $3500 custom 45. It requires a long 300-500 round break in, not unexpected given the tight fit.
  4. Same here for 5". If there's a problem feeding, it is usually the mag. No problem at all getting good accuracy. In fact, my 1911s are the most accurate pistols I have.
  5. There are many people who use mixed brass and your issue has seldom if ever been i.d. as a problem, at least not here at BE. Basic steps with any Dillon problem is clean, lube, tune (including replacing worn parts).
  6. Yeah, it's a 1911! I think my brother has about $1k in his. We call them project guns. "A project gun is one you keep sticking money into but don't care."
  7. Mine is also my current favorite 22. And they can be customized as much as a 1911. I'm partial to the Stoner golf ball stocks. https://www.stonercnc.com/1911-g10grips
  8. Great post. My brother and I are trying ghost sites for informal fast shooting with irons. Worth the effort to try it out. And yeah, getting a cheek weld with any low riding sight is problematic. Even more so for those of us with no sanding skills. I see you showed the right of the stock. Are you LH or RH?
  9. CWA has GSG accessories and is worth looking at. But pricey. You can dry fire his upper. https://www.cwaccessories.com/
  10. My brother has two and I have a CWA top end on a 1911 frame. Lots o fun. One of my brother's has the alloy GSG frame, CWA top end, a comp, and a bunch of other stuff. His is better balanced than mine which has the steel frame and no comp. I might end up getting the GSG and swapping my top end unto it. My brother's other is a stock GSG which is a nice gun by itself. You can't go wrong with these GSG's and they are a bargain, too.
  11. Hillarious! Jumping the beep gives a HUGE advantage on the first shot. So does the low ready position location. That's why I asked. But yeah, give 'em a break but don't let them get away with it.
  12. Gosh, sorry to bring this up but some people inactivate it on purpose. There are a bunch of ways to do it. Kinda make it like a 45 Hi Power. But shoudn't do it if it breaks the rules.
  13. Thanks for all the responses. Very helpful.
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