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  1. lgh

    Grip technique/pressure

    Your joints get "locked" when your muscles contract. Muscles cross joints and make them move or make them not move. It is isometric contraction when they are not moving. They can be locked in different positions, some more stable than others, but it is done with muscle contraction.
  2. lgh

    9mm reload not going into battery

    If it's an intermittent problem, check the rounds that did not go into battery. That should give you the answer. Be sure to check for a high primer.
  3. lgh

    Ultrasonic cleaner

    Got my frames and slides real clean but you have to be sure to oil things right after so you don't get rust. A metal cleaning solution might reduce rust issue. I don''t use it now because my guns don't have to be spotless, just functionally clean.
  4. When I was shooting a 1911 45, mag springs and followers were changed every year. Mag related problems in a 1911 are common enough that a lot of people do it as preventive medicine. And this is after you find the mags that work best in your gun. Still, 1911 is a nice platform.
  5. Good advice. About 20 yrs ago a buddy and I started some informal IDPA matches at the local club. A lot of fun but a lot of work for two guys designing, setting up, and taking down stages. Not sure I would do it again without a team of people to help.
  6. The pc detects double and no charges and isn't really intended to detect small variations from the intended load. For loads that approach half full, a double or no charge will be real obvious when you look in the case. You won't miss it if you look. And if the desired load fills more than half the case, a double charge will be spilling out and all over the machine. You definitely won't miss it. So you can probably dump the pc and see if that fixes things.
  7. lgh

    Silicone Carbide grip tutorial

    Nice video! Clear and concise.
  8. lgh

    Seeking Comments - Handgun Grips

    I had this link lying around for a long time. Some of you might remember it. I actually printed part of it out a long time ago because it is interesting and relevant to grip. Specifically, I refer to the posts of Jshuberg. He/she talks about symmetric grip. I do not take that to mean perceived symmetry. That is, some, like me, grip harder with the support hand but that does not imply asymmetry. If my support hand is weaker than my strong hand, I will perceive gripping harder with support but what I am actually doing is making them equal. The gist of it all is to just control the bounce. It's going to bounce! Anyway, here it is. Let me know if the link doesn't work.
  9. lgh

    Seeking Comments - Handgun Grips

    Thanks Bird. Had the book for a long time. What you see in the top picture is not what you see on the bottom. Try putting your weak hand in the position of the top picture and then try to fit your strong hand in there. It won't work. Conversely, get a grip with your strong hand and then try to get your hand in there like he shows in the top picture. It won't work. The heels of your hands should butt against each other, but they both won't fit on the backstrap as suggested, at least not for me. They form a wrap. Given all the discussion about grip, I enjoyed re-reading Brain's description of his grip.
  10. Barring sites of lubrication, most of the residue on the machine is dry. I blow my machine off with compressed air after every session and it drastically reduces other maintenance. I have well over 50k on the 650 and have never had to disassemble the primer system. OTOH, not a bad idea to check it for worn out parts, etc. and you do get a better understanding of how ithe machine works.
  11. lgh

    2018 Shooters Summit!

    Yeah, the Summit is really good. Highly recommended.
  12. lgh

    Seeking Comments - Handgun Grips

    I can't quite follow you here. There is no room on the backstrap once the strong hand is engaged.
  13. After removing spring and follower, I loaded an old mag with dummy rounds (no powder or primer) and topped each round with adhesive. They are all stuck together and don't rattle around. Painted it orange for safety reasons.