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  1. Me too. I just run the brass through walnut and then corn cob media with car polish. Nice and shiny. Never clean primer pockets. Occasional backward primer or other minor glitch that is easy to detect. Blow out the 650 after each session. Been doing it that way for 100k + rounds.
  2. My Victory seems to process just about anything. For those interested, here's manufacturers' velocity on a bunch of 22 ammo. It's important to me because I shoot in Wisconsin. When the temp drops, lower velocity ammo may not cycle. FED ATUO MATCH, 40GR 1200 MINI-MAG, 40GR 1235 FED BULK, 36GR 1260 REM GOLD, 36GR 1280 WIN SUPER X 1300
  3. Minimags seem to run in anything. Like others, I find AR Tactical also runs great.
  4. When I used one I put the nut on the bottom.
  5. Just sayin' if it functions it's not junk ammo. It's pretty darn good!
  6. When Automatch functions in my guns, it is usually quite accurate. Some of the small bore guys at the club use it for competitions and they demand very high accuracy. Just sayin' ...
  7. I agree. Try to induce a double charge and you will probably find it doesn't "just happen".
  8. Cool vid. Steel targets are also frequently put on round steel posts. I know it's hard to believe but some shooters hit the pole and not the steel target. So you end up with a round surface with dents in it. Not ideal for minimizing ricochets. I put my steel targets on dead trees or a tree that just ticks me off. Should be safer.
  9. Similar thing happened to my buddy. He saw a slow moving 45 slug coming back at him while shooting steel. That will get your attention.
  10. Splatter and ricochets are different but not necessarily from the safety point of view. We used to run steel targets at 7 yd (no hardball). I have been hit by splatter many times but not a ricochet. But something that got my attention was the presence of bullets, not fragments, in front of solid targets. The target distances were then all increased because concerns about ricochets are founded in experience, not theory.
  11. According to Dillon, the powder check will detect "none vs double charge". It doesn't really check the accuracy of the charge. In 9mm, the case is pretty full with a typical charge and a double will spill over. A no charge is, well, pretty easy to see. So if you do a visual you should be good. I don't use a powder check for 9 but I do for Titegroup charges in 45 since the case is big and the charge is small.
  12. If you are happy with functioning you should be GTG. Slight changes in accuracy with COL are usually not important. Some here, including myself, find COL changes with headstamp. But I only separate because it is easier to troubleshoot a problem if that variable is removed, not because of accuracy or function. And I have a home range so I only have to separate by headstamp once. I stopped separating 45 brass because it just didn't matter.
  13. I agree with Eric. I have smallish hands and have a 17 on a 19 frame (professionally chopped) that I use for EDC. My "game gun" is a 17 and I much prefer the larger frame for balance, grip, and speed from the holster. As usual, YMMV.
  14. lgh

    Best Connector??

    What Marshall said. It really doesn't do much more that you could get with a polished OEM connector. I like the OEM "-" configuration more than the box full of aftermarket connectors I have but your mileage might vary.
  15. lgh

    ZEV OZ9

    Fitzghan - Any more comments on how it is shooting/handling? I will be ordering one in a couple of weeks.
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