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  1. Yes, modern grip, thumbs forward, wrists locked. I’ll play with the left elbow torque, that’s a good idea. As for squeezing the entire hand, that’s possible, but I’m sure I’m not doing that when I dry fire.
  2. The sights are zeroed, I can shoot tiny dead center groups all day if I take my time, it’s only when I shoot quickly that they start going left.
  3. I’m right-handed, shooting Glocks usually, and have been having an issue where almost all my hits are consistently dead left when shooting at speed. I’m a fairly experienced shooter (expert class IDPA), with solid fundamentals, but I’m almost positive this is a trigger control issue, I just can’t seem to correct it. I do lots of dry fire practice, with real guns and SIRT pistol, and as far as I can tell the muzzle isn’t moving left when I break the trigger. I’ve played with putting more trigger finger into the trigger guard, and adjusting strong/weak hand grip pressure, with zero results.
  4. Oh I'm not concerned so much about the aesthetics, it's that the shiney edges are somewhat distracting under certain lighting. I'll just touch them up with a sharpie for now.
  5. To use sight black, do you have to remove the sight from the gun? Actually, it's not a tool, it's a part designed for a competition "fun" gun. However, I own several sets of many other types of sights, some of which have seen way more use than these, have been carried and trained with for years, and show no such signs of wear.
  6. I tried. No response. ETA: For the record, Dave Sevigny saw this post and has contacted me.
  7. Well that touch up pen didn't work very well at all, it shows way too much contrast along the edges where I applied it. Im dissapointed that the finish on these sights wears so badly, it's not like they were inexpensive or anything.
  8. Captains1911

    Glock 34

    On mine, which is a Gen4, I added 10-8 Performance sights, Vanek Custom Trigger kit, Jager heavy SS guide rod w/ Wolff 15 lb spring, factory non-extended slide release, factory extended mag release, granular talon grips, and a Pearce grip plug. With over 2500 rounds through the gun, I can say that none of it has affected reliability. ETA: The purpose of this gun is primarily to shoot IDPA SSP division.
  9. I actually picked one of these up at lunch time from a local shop. I am going to try it first. Is this common with this particular brand of sights? I've not had this issue with any of my other sights.
  10. The black finish on the sharp edges of my Warren/Sevigny Competition rear sight has worn to where it's shiny and somewhat distracting under certain lighting conditions. I emailed Warren Tactical asking if this is normal, and what if anything they recommend I do to repair it, but received no response. Just curious if anybody here has experienced this, and if so, any ideas on how to remedy it? I thought that perhaps Birchwood Casey Cold Blue may work, but haven't tried it yet.
  11. Have you ever replaced the recoil spring? If not, it is overdo because the recommended life is 3k-5k rounds. That should fix the issue of the slide not going into battery as seen in the video. As for the doubling, you mentioned that it started after polishing parts. Exactly what parts, and what method did you use for polishing?
  12. Anything is better than the factory trigger. That doesn't mean the BX-25 is the best bang for your buck.
  13. Send your factory trigger group to Brimstone for a Tier 1 or Tier 2 trigger job, you won't be disappointed. Don't waste your money on the Ruger BX trigger. http://www.brimstonegunsmithing.com/collections/ruger-10-22
  14. For a carry gun, I prefer Trijicon HD sights with the orange front ring. The only trigger modifications I would consider are a factory minus (-) connector and a polish job. For a competition gun it's an entirely different story.
  15. Captains1911

    Glock 17

    The G34 Gen4 does not come with an extended mag release from the factory. I hear this a lot and it's incorrect. However my understanding is that it can be "ordered" with an extended release from the factory, and so installing an OEM extended release on a G34 is legal.
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