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  1. By an APEX semi gunsmith fit barrel. They are easy to fit and amazing In accuracy. Apex directly, Midway USA or Brownells will have them.
  2. My oldest son purchased a smith and Wesson 629 performance center with a scope and I had my Apex M and P 9 CORE version. He really didn’t think handguns could shoot far, so I decided we would put it to the test. We set up a steel target I made first at 50 yards. No problem, he and I both hit center mass first shot. Then moved it out to 100 yds. I was able to hit it 5 out of 5 with out too much difficulty and he hit 4 out of five. Then moved out to 150. I had to start holding over a bit was amazed I was able to hit it 4 out of five. He took a bit more practice to get hits but did eventually. We finished with a bit over 200. I knew his 44 could do it but had no idea I could with my M and P. However, I was amazed to hit 2 of 5 two different times! A lot to be said about the Apex products and what they can do!
  3. With my M and P I usually am in the top 10 or so in the matches here. Today with going to Limited Major with my STI I was mid pack. Starting to question why I wanted to change guns and go from a dot back to open sights. LOL I bet you will love the dot on your Beretta. My prediction in 10 years dots I’ll be more common than iron sights on pistols.
  4. Used a dot for quite a while on a M and P. I find the best way to use it is total target focus. Train your eyes to focus where you want the bullet to impact, (not looking at the sight at all) then move your hands/gun to where your eyes are focused. So for example, when I start a stage, I focus on a specific spot on the target, (not just the target). I then draw and in the process of driving the gun to the target the dot will come into view. I refine the picture depending on distance and hard cover/no shoots and press the trigger. I did pracice a bit a bit with this and found what helped me most was dry fire practice presenting the gun. Work through those steps a few times picking a spot when I dry fired. Then do the same drill by picking the spot visually, focus intently on it, then close my eyes, present the gun and then open them after presenting the gun and pulling the trigger when I think I’m on target. Then I open my eyes and see if I’m actually on target. Suprizingly it didn’t take long and I was able to get this down where I’m almost always on target. This really helped me to train the mechanics of aligning my muscle memory/gun index to my visual focus. Then when shooting a stage, it became easy, my gun just continues to follow my eyes from target to target. Dots are sooooooo much quicker than iron sights. Just shot limited division today with my DVC and wow. It had been a while since I used open sights and forgot how much more there is to do.
  5. I shoot a springifield EMP, normal shirt covering the gun just like I use when I carry every day. I do very well at local matches. I either win or 2nd in division and usually top 10 or better out of 50-80 shooters overall. While I realize I’m handicapping myself a bit with the gun, cover garment etc. I also realize that IDPA just like other shooting sports are a game but I also see it as good practice. Several draws, reloads, targets under pressure that I can’t do in any local ranges. To me, allows me to practice some skills I can’t in other places with a bit of pressure added. I’m not doing it to become a championship IDPA shooter, just to get better at shooting, have fun etc. In my mind, that is the best reason for IDPA.
  6. Wasn’t too terribly long, ended up being about a 35 yard shot. However, what I shot at was the best. A few of my buddies were shooting trap with shotguns at a farm I used to go to. I didn’t have my shotgun so was mainly running the trap house for them. They weren’t doing all that great so I was giving them a bit of trouble about it. So half joking I told them I could hit it with the only gun I had. A Ruger sing six 22. So... I call for pull, cock the gun, squeeze the trigger and broke the bird in mid air. I was aiming but totally amazed I hit it. I should have stopped there and not tried to repeat it.....LOL
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