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  1. Does anyone think the OP failures are due to the dovetail mount or strictly due to bad luck? Do you think an optic would last longer if milled instead of dovetail mounted?
  2. I have been shooting 115 grain Blazer brass. Same issues
  3. I also noticed that on cajun gun works website as well as cz usa website they both dont reccomend the extra power extractor spring for 9mm. They claim it can cause feeding issues. It is however recommended for 40 cal. More frustration.....
  4. Let me know how you make out with the extended power spring. I am having the same issues suddenly as well. I am using mec gar mags and I was wondering if the mag springs were worn out. I have around 3000 rounds through the gun. I was thinking of replacing the mag springs, the extractor and the extractor spring. Very annoying.
  5. Could u tell me how to remove the rear sight? My sight pusher isn't going to work on this triangular CZ slide. Thank you
  6. Hello, I am interested in trying out carry optics and I was looking at purchasing a trijicon sro in possibly 2.5 moa for uspsa and steel matches. I was curious if I could get away with a dovetail mount for the sro instead of having to pay almost $400 to have the slide milled. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I am pretty green to the pistol shooting competition world.
  7. kmam2010

    Shadow 2 Optic?

    So just to be clear, which dovetail mount do you recommend for the Delta point pro?
  8. I am new to competition shooting. I have tried multiple brands of 115 grain and blazer brass 124 grain. I have found that the blazer 124 grain seems to group tighter. I am eager to try the 147 grain at some point. What brand ammo and grain weight do you recommend for use with the shadow 2 for USPSA. Thank you in advance for your time.
  9. Hello, I am very new to uspsa shooting and I was curious how much wind speed affects target accuracy out to 20 yards on a windy day. Is it nothing to be concerned with when the forecast calls for 10 to 20 mph winds on match day?
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