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  1. dbgeek

    1911 Grips

    I really like Magpul grips on my 1911... but they are definitely not 'fat' or 'wide'. https://www.amazon.com/Magpul-Industries-Government-Magazine-Release/dp/B00GWZ27N0
  2. dbgeek

    M&P Mags

    I pulled up online ads at the local gun shop, and they got close enough for me to support a local business. They aren't crooks, and are rather reasonable when asked.
  3. dbgeek

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    hmm. My 503gu came with a botach high mount. Does anyone want to sell me their Holosun low mount?
  4. dbgeek

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    Is anyone not using their Holosun low mount? Mine (503gu) is 1/3 lower cowitness and I'd like to play with moving it lower since I don't have A2 sights on the PCC.
  5. dbgeek

    M&P Pro 9mm

    The biggest part of the Burwell job is to reshape the striker block and polish the trigger bar, which is the same.
  6. dbgeek


    my comptac international simply says M&P 5"
  7. dbgeek

    M&P Pro 9mm

    I polished the trigger bar and painted the front sight, blacked out the rear. THe plan is to eventually do Dawson sights, and apex hard sear. Many say do the burwell trigger job: http://www.burwellguns.com/misc/M&Ptriggerjob.pdf
  8. dbgeek

    M&P Pro 9mm

    There are no Pro 2.0's yet. There are also no black 5" 2.0's yet - they're all FDE. The only choice for 5" 2.0 is thumb safety or not. If you get a thumb safety, it can be removed, and they'll send you the plugs for the frame if you ask.
  9. dbgeek

    M&P .380 Shield EZ - POS or Not?

    Let us know what you think - These 380EZ's seems like they hit the right spot for size/capability.
  10. dbgeek

    M&P M2.0 5" FDE

    My 2.0 5" is stock. I've run wwb 115, blazer brass 124, freedom munitions 115, and the competition 130 pf loads from AA in 124 and 147, and recently tried the American Eagle Syntec Action Pistol 150 gr. All cycled fine with stock everything.
  11. dbgeek

    More grip!

    Mine is very aggressive out of the box - notably more so than a 1.0. Quite a bit more than the hogue g10 piranha on my sigs, too. Stop by your local toy store and fondle a 2.0 would be the easy way to check. edit - found them for sale (I knew I saw it somewhere): https://store.smith-wesson.com/accessories/grips
  12. dbgeek

    More grip!

    2.0 backstrap. extra grippy.
  13. off hand, sights are never 'rock still'. The sights should have no movement driven by the trigger squeeze.
  14. dbgeek

    Competition P320

    Marketing department says, "Oh, you have an idea? Build me one, and I'll show it to everyone, everywhere!!" Engineering says, "Please don't show anyone until we figure out how we're going to make it, but here is a working prototype." Marketing department posts pictures, description, and takes it to trade shows. "Hey Engineering, they want it NOW, when will it be ready?" Engineering "Sigh."