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  1. Apologies but I have a novice question. I took a rise armament 240 trigger out of my M&P 15-22 (was giving light strikes anyways) and went to put it in the my CQ10 lower, with the pins that came with the RA240. But when I went to tighten them down the pins are a bit too long. Sure enough I got some michs out and the wall thickness is of the the qc10 is 1-1.5 mm thinner, which i get we are talking metal vs plastic. Question is if I get some KNS pins or something like that, should I be just fine? The diameter of the pins are fine but the length is just a bit off (long). What is known to work with the qc10 lower
  2. Thanks for the help, I went with a QC10 lower due to the outstanding responses and a help from member on this forum. Now to figure out a 16" side charger upper. And figure out what buffer tube/ buffer system to run.
  3. Would you vote a for: a new frontier 290 https://www.newfrontierarmory.com/shop/complete-c-5-lower-b5-milspec-stock/ or a fox trot mike 299 https://www.newfrontierarmory.com/shop/complete-c-5-lower-b5-milspec-stock/ or is there a solid other choice that offers LRBHO? or this complete rifle? https://www.primaryweapons.com/product-url-5959
  4. I am not opposed to PSA stuff. Hell I pieced together my first 556 rifle all from PSA stuff, and it has been flawless. The direct link to that rifle is here: https://www.groundzeroprecision.com/collections/featured/products/black-dirt-rifleworks-pcc-9mm-carbine-pro-comp?utm_source=Ground+Zero+Precision+Deal+Alert&utm_campaign=3b90d02b76-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_09_28_04_13_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_653918deaf-3b90d02b76-210337609&mc_cid=3b90d02b76&mc_eid=852e2e9945 I am glad I asked you guys, because I did not realize it was not a designed glock 9 reciever. But I have been reading on here a bit and I like the idea of an affordable lower with the Taccom super light upper or the fox trot mike side charging upper. IS the non bolt hold open on last round on all the PSA glock mag lowers or just some? Also what is with everything being sold out? I swear every time I am on PSA all of the glock 9mm lowers are sold out. PSA 16" uppers are always sold out. Also the Taccom lightweight uppers are sold out.
  5. I have been kicking around in this forum a bit. Wanted your opinions on this pcc, they want $750 for it RECEIVERS Aero Precision M4E1 7075-T6 Aluminum AR-15 Upper & Lower Receiver Set - Type III Class II Hard Coat Anodized - Black, Black Dirt Rifleworks 9mm PCC Adapter BARREL Faxon Firearms 16" Taper 9mm Pistol Caliber Carbine Barrel, 4150 CrMoV, QPQ Black Nitride Finish BCG Faxon Firearms 9mm PCC Blowback GAS SYSTEM N/A - Blowback TRIGGER Rise Armament RA-140 SST Super Sporting Trigger, Single Stage, 3.5 lbs, Armaspec Stainless Anti-Walk Pins MUZZLE DEVICE VG6 Precision Epsilon 9mm High Performance Comp FURNITURE Hogue 15 Degree Pistol Grip, Elftmann Tactical ELF Ultra-Light Aluminum Stock, Black Dirt Rifleworks Scythe Ambidextrous Charging Handle, Armaspec Enhanced Takedown/Pivot Pins HANDGUARD 15" Aero Precision A.T.L.A.S. S1 Free Float Hand Guard - Type III Class II Hard Coat Anodized - Black
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