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  1. P30L and VP9L are both such tempting choices thanks for the review, really like those accuracy shots with the different loads.
  2. Bare basics are lube, slide stop and spare springs. Roll pins and the list above from Bunsen are nice especially if you're out at big matches, but also depends on your budget for that stuff. I'd add some loctite in case sights get "squirrely" and a spare back like in the screen shot where the firing pin did an "ejecto seat cuz" As for cleaning I really only wipe the stuff off my feed ramp and lube after matches i maybe do a serious clean once a year if that, these guns like to be dirty and the only malfunctions I've ever had with my shadow was due to ammo.
  3. Really great stuff, watching the videos and seeing your analysis makes me want to take my local matches more seriously. Although I'm shooting pistol only I've been tempted to try pcc for cost savings compared to rifle, as I wanna try 3gun someday. I was wondering if you had any advice or tips on weak side shooting with a red dot or with LPVO. My only variable that might be different than you is i have my left eye is really bad and i need to wear contacts for it if I want to have a normal vision, doesn't really affect me in anything else as my right eye is my dominant eye and is 20/20, any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for that link definitely a Mark1
  5. Thanks guys for the fast responses, i'm not super knowledgeable on rugers is this a mk1 or mk2 frame?
  6. Afternoon everyone, My mom's fiance passed away and left an old incomplete Ruger mk1 or 2, not 100% sur,e, to the estate. We want to know if there is anyone in socal that can help us get a new bolt and get it functioning properly again?
  7. mcrdriver

    Max capacity 140mm

    Any pics or diagram of where to trim material? Currently trying to solve the last hold open issue on my mags with the same set up: 17 mecgar body + czc base plates and czc 10 coil sping kit
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