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  1. DVC - Sights plus not having the rear cut out of it. But what really surprised me is my Kimber .45 combat gold was 12.5oz without any cuts in it. And the CZ TS-orange was 14.8oz but at least it's longer.
  2. Ok gents to solve a debate that I've read before but just happened to have the tools to solve. The difference in weight between an open CK Arms Hardcore, and CK Arms Thunder, slides. And I threw my STI DVC limited in for fun. Here is what I got: Hardcore: 11.4oz 326g Thunder: 11.2oz 319g DVC-L: 12.3oz 353g All of these are 9mm, not that it would matter, measured on the same scale. Same day/time. These slides were not stripped so they had firing pins/block, extractor etc. Installed. So as equal as I could easily make it. And excuse me if my grams to oz isn't exact I just read the scale.
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