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Found 3 results

  1. Ok gents to solve a debate that I've read before but just happened to have the tools to solve. The difference in weight between an open CK Arms Hardcore, and CK Arms Thunder, slides. And I threw my STI DVC limited in for fun. Here is what I got: Hardcore: 11.4oz 326g Thunder: 11.2oz 319g DVC-L: 12.3oz 353g All of these are 9mm, not that it would matter, measured on the same scale. Same day/time. These slides were not stripped so they had firing pins/block, extractor etc. Installed. So as equal as I could easily make it. And excuse me if my grams to oz isn't exact I just read the scale.
  2. I have a couple questions about the CK arms open 2011's. Can someone tell me for sure: what weight and brand recoil spring comes in the hardcore and thunder open 2011's? (38 super in this case though I presume they use same springs in 9mm too) what weight and brand hammer spring in same? What brand firing pin spring (I believe this one is ismi) what brand leaf spring/sear spring? Finally does anyone know what twist rate the KKM barrels are? KKM state 'standard' is either 1:16 or 1:18 but they make a bunch of twist rates from 1:10 to 1:40... I'm hoping it's the 1:18 or even 1:24. The reason I ask is I've previously seen it stated they use all ISMI springs. I've also seen (I think it was on SSI) that they use wolf springs. I have a CK open in both hardcore and thunder. So far the harcore runs great though the hammer spring feels super heavy (not quite springfield 1911 heavy which are 28# but certainly much heavier than the 15lb or 17lb in my other 2011/1911's. it 'feels' to me like it's over 20lb). The recoil spring is harder to feel as the slide to frame fit is still very tight so there is some friction when racking the slide, but if I had to guess I'd say it's a 10 or maybe 11lb. I'm curious for 2 reasons. One it's nice to know what's in there. Also if I want to replace them at some point it means I can do the same if I wish. I usually run a wolf 8, 9 or 10lb variable recoil spring (depending on slide weight really) and a 17lb or 15lb ismi hammer spring. That combo is quite nice on my SV (8lb variable wolf recoil and 15lb ismi hammer). The CK currently is being run in, but it shoots really nicely with whatever the current spring set is. So I'm curious to know what it is. I feel the hammer spring is very heavy. When I got the gun I had to put in a new firing pin spring. I did what I usually do and fitted an extended FP (in this case SVI was what I had handy) with a wolf spring with 2 coils cut. When I dry fired the gun the hammer strike was hard enough to jam the firing pin into the breach face hole! I removed the wolf spring and re-used the one that came with the gun (looks like ismi) and it now works fine. That's something that leads me to believe the hammer spring is quite heavy (also you can feel the weight if thumb cocking the hammer). As I said the gun shoots really nicely and I wonder if a heavy hammer spring actually works to contribute to that 'feel'. Any help much appreciated.
  3. Since I'm pretty cheap I didn't want to spring for the boss purely because everyone had one and I liked my buddy's "The One". So I made a review of it.
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